Sources: Dealogic; Preqin . Bain Capital filed for an IPO in June, but then Symantec agreed to buy Blue Coat for $ billion after seeing value in combining. warehouses that can stock product and deliver directly to consumers. .. Source: Dealogic as of January M&A Deal Transportation Statistics. Jan on the global stock markets as well as profitable Source: Capital IQ, Thomson , Dealogic, Merger Market, press research, Lazard, Roland Berger. Strategy &.

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Though its possible there could be some shake-up, I personally believe that “strengthening” doesn’t have to do with slicing thousands of jobs, but rather keeping talent within the groups. A slump in customer activity and a weak performance in equities, foreign exchange and fixed income trade drove the investment banking division of UBS, the Swiss bank that employs more than 6, people in the City, to a loss in the third quarter of the year.

If you are really paranoid, sure, go shop around So far UBS HR has proceeded as normal as one would expect and has organised a welcome event in a few weeks.

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If the bank is sold that is a different story altogether and plausible depending on HSBC’s role. Most cuts will be in FICC The investment bank has “self-shrunk” for the most part — that is, most of the best statistisc have already taken their teams and left. IB Resources See all. Reality hits you hard, bro People in banking generally are willing to do whatever the fuck it takes to get statistcis to a higher level in their career.

And probably your target isn’t 30 accepts anymore, it’s a lot less because now you’re trying to shed bodies rather than adding them. Does anyone know any actual numbers?

Analysts saw this as a demonstration of the reversal of fortunes that has taken place at the bank in the past 12 months. Might as well make money at what you are good at instead of lose money at something you aren’t, seems pretty simple. Curious as to your thoughts. Beyond merely the broader risk in the market that layoffs intensify as things become worse before they become better? Don’t go into FIG. Give it a try Let me give you a more optimistic view of history, for a moment.


I would be shocked if the analyst headcount in my division can accommodate the large class that is about to start in July. Nobody including senior management has any clue.

The summer is quickly approaching that is why it ststistics like such an extreme measure at this point. As a potential incoming analyst, I am happy to take on the risk that you do well in good times, and you run the eternal risk of being laid off in bad times. This down market, like all others, will pass. Things are bad, and seem to be getting worse.

Dealotic be honest everyone from an MD to intern should be worried. The turnaround came after a period of outflows, sparked by a US investigation into the tax affairs of UBS’s clients and the bank’s disastrous performance in the financial crisis, when it slumped to a record-breaking Sfr Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers. As we’ve previously reported, the bank has also scaled back its mergers and acquisitions team.

I think it is the uncertainty that will really hurt retention. AND if you’re working hours per week you can tell yourself that it really isn’t much more than you thought. What is the culture like? We remain confident about our future and believe that we are on track to achieve our medium-term goals.

At the end of June, its investment bank employed 16, Does this mean companies will require less investment banking work?

Go Premium – Annual. If I were entering rather than exiting banking right now, I would be worried over continued future cuts as well as general lack of dealflow and all the economic problems.

Salaries for the company’s investment bankers have been low on an industry-wide basis statistocs recent years. The first, and most important, thing here is not to overreact. But tsatistics added that the strategic planks for the cutbacks had already been drawn out. I don’t really know about this particular topic, but I would assume that even if you are afraid of losing your job, there isn’t a whole lot you can do right now in terms of lateral transfers, because everybody is wtatistics a tough time right now.


Haha, agree my post looks a little aggro.

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As you can see from the change in market sentiment from July of last year versus September, or January of this year versus now, a lot can change in a very short period. Im having a flashback to GenghisKhan saying that Bear Stearns people who got their offers revoked should look at it as a head start on finding jobs before other offers get revoked at the other banks. IB is not the prime breadwinner of UBS. The company still has a big IBD presence in Asia.

Granted, all of this is speculation at this point. What would be the implications of that scenario? The unit had brought the Swiss lender to its knees during the financial crisis, forcing UBS to retrench faster and earlier from the area than most of its rivals. The VPs will most definitely be fired. Any thoughts on the medium-term years?

Read the original report issued on the EBK paper. I confirm IBuntz nums btw. The weaker analysts probably won’t make it either, but at a lower rate. YoungOne – The article highlights the fact that UBS has to front-load its cuts due to the unauthorised trading loss, thus originally thought only to whittle down their IB division to 16k within a five-year timeframe, they’ve had to restructure their ops much sooner.

As Dosk points out, however, the risk really isn’t in the revocation of the offer, it’s really general layoff risk at this point.