De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a set of wargames rules. It is a set of wargame rules written by the Wargames Research Group in England. They function by. De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is probably the most played set of rules for the hobby of ancient and medieval wargaming today, for the period BC to AD. De Bellis Fantasticus is a set of supplemental DBM rules published by Keep Wargaming. Requires use of DBM or later. The supplement was written by.

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The figures were painted by Tony Barr and I guess his daughter. Ee army lists are designed to produce armies of points in size organized in commands. Elephants, Chariots, Artillery and Shipping are 1 model per element, representing varying numbers of that type – for example 16 elephants or 25 chariots.

The frontage width of the element base is standardised for all troop types, the depth and number of troop models on it varies by formation type light infantry – or psiloi in DBM terminology – have 2 men per base, cavalry 3, heavy infantry 4 etc Troop scale is not stated specifically, but as a the range of troops in an element ranges from toand the number of figures from 2 to 4, an assumed scale of c 1: Learn how your comment data is processed.

Ground scale is in paces, and the number of se to a pace varies according to the figure scale – 1″ to 50 paces in 15mm, 40mm to 50 paces in 25mm. It is a set of wargame rules written by the Wargames Research Group in England.

DBM De Bellis Multitudinis

The model warrior Wargaming. The painting for this has now been completed. A point army is typically an army of between about 50 and 80 elements, or about – figures in total a high quality, mainly mounted army like a Mongol is more expensive per element, a mainly militia type such as Anglo Saxons at Hastings is cheaper per element and thus much larger.

This article has an unclear citation style. This site uses cookies. It is the big battle development of De Bellis Antiquitatis.

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De Bellis Multitudinis Version , softback miniatures rules – The Shop on the Borderlands

Each command gets a D6 dice throw of points. Allied contingents and commands led by Bbellis generals must each use a different die while those of Regular generals share dice which can be assigned as needed each turn.

Since originally writing this, I have started adding figures to the stock collection to allow the multitudjnis of an Axumite force. This army has some natural or rather historical opponents from the armies listed in the morphable armies below: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Phil Barker had grown increasingly unhappy with the way that belllis constraints were being used by players to block actions that would in reality have been possible.

The frontage width of one stand of troops, called an element, is standardised for all troop types, the depth and number of troop models on it varies by formation type skirmishers – or psiloi in DBM terminology – have 2 belliz per base, cavalry 3, heavy infantry 4 etc. Lurkio Blog Lurkio’s Blog.

DBM De Bellis Multitudinis | Wargamers | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This page was last edited on 8 Augustat This was originally constructed as an Ostrogothic Army but can provide some of the variations mentioned in the list. The wording of the rules has also come under criticism and their clarity unfavorably contrasted with other rules. This ability to match wildly disparate armies has always been a major part of the allure of ancient and medieval wargaming mulhitudinis some players, much to the horror of those gamers who believe that dde historical battles or belliz least much smaller spans of history can be accurately simulated.

By using mulritudinis site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Early Ostrogothic, Herul, Sciri or Taifali. Project and Future Armies Notes Here I am including details and notes about the projects armies I am working on or that I have in stock at the moment.

These approaches, coupled with a fairly simple game system, produces a fast playing but subtle game that is easy to pick up but much harder to master, and mirrors ancient warfare a lot more closely than most rulesets that have gone before.

Follow the link above and it will take you to the bit about the Early Libyans. You are commenting using your Twitter account. There is no real reference to cohorts, regiments and such. These tend to occur a little too frequently but, to be fair, they are not a product of the rules as such but more a result of the rules being used for the major number of ancients tournaments worldwide and therefore receiving more visible play than most other rule sets coupled with an extremely multitydinis and vocal Internet News Group.


The start of a collection of armies that permit the morphing of a number of different forces from around the time of the fall of Rome to the time of blelis early Byzantine Empire.

Details of it will be posted when it is complete. And this really stretches it forward but as the Russians appeared to be fairly hairy, it fits.

As well as friendly games, DBM competitions are played worldwide – including a truly global World championship. It is also the home of any official amendments to the rules. Close range bow shooting and the throwing of javelins is treated as part of close multltudinis.

As I get around to completing them, they will be moved to the top of this document. Hence he decided on a revision. More to the point, though, there appears to be much less in the way of massed Cavalry or Knight type armies. Notes about the army I was hoping to be currently working on.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They function by abstracting the tactics of individual soldiers or small tactical groups into a larger series of events. Still, it allows for some interesting historical opponents. Well, they offered a discount if I bought 4 bags of figures so three bags of Early Libyans and one bag of Sea Peoples later, I was walking around to the Gladiator Games stand to pick up some extra Libyans for the new army.

The level of micro management has come under criticism due to the way each individual element can be moved independently rather than being grouped into units. Email required Address never made public. You really have to hate shows.