Cloud Charts Trading success with the Ichimoku technique David Linton Upata et ose ‘vend ‘on it tan we sao mea? Fae 4a a eas te mse Fetaioin eatin. David Linton was born and raised near Melbourne, Australia and studied engineering at . Preface. Cloud Charts – Trading success with the Ichimoku technique. Ichimoku Charting How to read the Clouds for Profitable Advantage David Linton CFTe MSTA Chief Executive Updata plc [email protected] Daily testing.

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The universe is currently US and UK stocks and funds, but could be extended to other major international markets. The Standard Line also called the Base Line 3.

The portfolio is up I don’t really have the time to watch it more closely and worry about more than one stock a week. These were ichikoku right away. The screen below forms a big part of the analysis for my theme. The UK is really underperforming the US.

Cloud Charts : Trading Successful with the Ichimoku Technique by David Linton

So I went on the hunt for a replacement stock. So the payment is shown in the week it is invested. In all fairness the author provides a 30 day free trial to Updata TraderPro. You can get a free trial and follow me – HERE Trading style This is another area where all traders and investors are ichimokk.

The stocks that have plummeted recover strongly, while the ones that didn’t fall so much don’t.

Zeeshan marked it as to-read Jul 19, This robbed my performance and with a bit of selling I am back to underweight again. The author also happens to be the founder of Updata, and as such uses many colored Updata charts on heavy gauge paper. So here is my portfolio after the first week. But realistically I won’t be giving my portfolio much attention over the festive season. Distribution instead of accumulation. And I wrote a report for our institutional clients.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. A further 3 were bought and subsequently. The problem is, as we will come to see when we run the scans for price targets, that these sort of stocks are few and far between. Everything points south for crude so I bought a short ETF which is a bit more risky, but should insulate me as a hedge if markets fall further on more bad global macro news.


It’s a good read for someone who’s after a bunch of ideas, but not for someone seeking deeper solid take-aways.

My Portfolio Blog by David Linton

After the start, this equates to 3 stocks a month sold with 3 replacement stocks bought. So I set the scan condition below. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

You may not have access to the 60 minute data and these are the least two important charts in this process, but it can save you from buying something that might fall in the next few days it often happens anyway before it starts rising again.

I sold one of my best performers the week before last as it fell off a cliff over two days. This involves scanning for stocks with the most upside potential and using the Ichimoku clouds to confirm trends on long, medium and short term lknton horizons. I am sure this rout will be short lived and the market will bounce back next week and after as we head into the stronger seasonal davi.

Soumitra Kundu marked it as to-read Aug 19, Again I will keep a close eye on this in the coming week. The 60 minute cloud chart in the bottom right of the screen showed that this stock had moved below the cloud and was turning short term bearish.

I could be more patient, but I am trying to maximise my performance without over-trading. This scan is like my first filter. This ointon looked great when I bought it months ago but it looks less good now and the market doesn’t care where you bought. If you want to follow me, download the software, watch the videos and read my past weekly blog! Has davod be above the cloud, good if breaking to new highs 60 minute cloud chart for the short term trend ‘day’. Markets fell towards the end of the week and the shorter term outlook for the main indices now looks less favourable.


Updata Analytics is Updata’s professional product which runs on services such as: Underpinning this, I outlined 3 big themes which were clear in the charts: My oil short ETF continues davld boom which has been a great hedge on the portfolio and one of my smaller Nasdaq stocks, recently purchased on dzvid scans for upside targets, has been bucking the trend and is moving up nicely.

I now run through my shorter watchlist of several stocks with Tracker Charts in Updata RH click on the top LH corner of the chart I have six charts as follows:.

If you are not sure what is best for you, get some professional advice.

Cloud Charts: Trading Success With The Ichimoku Technique by David Beckett Linton

Please try again later. Pavan marked it as to-read May 08, Software, Markets and Data There are dozens of free tools available online for investors. The last row are all US stocks, a beverage company, a medical devices company, a games company and an oil refiner – respectively.

It has been a difficult time with the market dvid several percent and I am happy to now be up over this period.

This is true, but it doesn’t take account of the losses I made on the two sold holdings in the week – 2. The third chart RH top is a 1×3 chart of the dollar index which his just made a powerful quadruple top breakout and crossed the automated downtrend. So, on the Friday opening, the price opened up but the 60 minute chart was starting worry me with a big downside target and the stock starting to fall to a lower level than the previous day’s low.

This learning program can be intensive over a week or so, or more slowly over weeks and months. The thing I am most pleased about is my portfolio return has passed its previous peak set a few months ago. Amy Amy marked it as to-read Dec 04,