Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. A Voyage to Arcturus [David Lindsay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Voyage to Arcturus is a novel by the Scottish writer David Lindsay. A Voyage to Arcturus [David Lindsay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Scottish writer David Lindsay first published this novel in

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A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay

I rather suspect that the aura of Lindsay’s book will last, if for no other reason that it is such an original. This, in fact, is his M.

At the end of his arduous and increasingly mystical quest waits a dark secret and an unforgettable revelation. When first finishing this book, I was arcturua upset, shaken to the core of my unthinking adolescent presuppositions.

A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay

When he was near the top, he saw yellow light shining through the crack of a half-opened door. A future morality play Well, uh, hmmm. Lindsay’s purpose appears to be not merely to entertain, which he does well, but to illustrate a Gnostic world view, where the world and its attractions are seen as the realm of evil, with truth lying beyond, entirely separate and distant. Retrieved from ” https: In common with many others, Lindsay returned from the trenches of the first world war with a profound unease, questioning every assumption of his pre-war upbringing.

Methuen agreed to publish the novel, but only if Lindsay agreed to cut 15, words, which he did.

Maskull, Sullenbode and Corpang proceed in the direction someone looking for Muspel once went. Maskull, a man longing for adventures, accepts an invitation from Krag, an acquaintance of his friend Nightspore, to travel to Tormance after a seance. Yet if Lindsay celebrates the triumph of the will, he is too troubled to propose the crudeness of fascism.

It had become a common sheet of glass, through which the ordinary sky field appeared.

Yet through it all, he is driven to meet the god? He is usually regarded as a fantasy writer.


Yet Voyage is in its way a success. He and his wife opened a Brighton boarding house.

Lewis ‘s — Space Trilogy. When the sun Alppain rises, Maskull sees in a vision Krag causing llndsay drum beat by beating his heart, and Gangnet, who is Shaping, dying in torment enveloped by Muspel-fire.

The alienness of atmosphere

May 16, Charlie Fan rated it really liked it. Really loved this for the first quarter of the book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads agcturus. A fave among such diverse writers as J. Books by David Lindsay. Why did he do this? This extremely strange work was not obviously influenced by anyone, but further reading shows links with other Scottish fantasists e. The writing is clumsy, the character development implausible and often non-existent leading to confusion over their motives and occasional disinterestand the names distractingly ridiculous.

A Voyage to Arcturus – Wikisource, the free online library

While he wrote a great deal, most of his works have been hard to find, out-of-print, neglected. This commemorative edition features an introduction by noted scholar and writer of speculative fiction John Clute and a famous essay by Loren Eiseley.

Aug 05, blakeR rated ilndsay really liked it Shelves: Maskull, awed by his own gifts, does just that. Next thing we know, his magn has become a tough third arm, which can reach out towards other people and suck the life from their bodies. If anyone knows of other books similar to it, please Let me know. A Voyage to Arcturus Cover of the first edition. But it is exceptionally powerful as a parable, and Lindsay’s creativity qualifies as genius, especially so when considering he wrote it in the daviv.

Maskull continues his journey and meets a woman, Oceaxe, from Ifdawn, who instead of a tentacle has a third arm. And Tormance is a luscious world, at first appearing like the world of Avatar, but quickly becoming an acid trip of the highest order, a world in which our hero Maskull encounters strange people and stranger places one after the o Voyage to Arturas begins like high-pulp fantasy, a la Burrough’s Princess of Mars or Poe’s Narrative of Pym My mind has been blown.


The Strange Genius of David Lindsay: Voyagge uneven, and some bits make more sense acturus others, but no lundsay else has written anything quite like it.

This book is a “more than human” flight of fancy. The protagonist, Maskull, travels to an alien planet and in each land he traverses, the landscape and people are different than the last.

If you are at all interested in early science fiction or gnosticism The secret of Lindsay’s apparent strangeness lies in his metaphysical assumptions. But Lindsay’s answer makes at least as much sense as most of the mainstream ones, and it’s refreshingly simple. In The Haunted Womanvoyagd two main characters discover a room which exists only some of the time.

Earthrid is obscenely destroyed. David Lindsay was a Scottish author now most famous for the philosophical science fiction novel A Voyage to Arcturus. In fact, I found certain parts of this book to be highly erotic in a strange and subtle way. I was about to throw the book away but Lindsay managed to turn it around somehow. My attempts to relate it to known texts, biblical or classical, fall short. When Maskull wakes up he finds ljndsay chest tentacle or magn has been transformed into the third arm, which causes lust for what is touched ovyage his breve changed to an eyelike sorb which allows dominance of will over others.

It has been translated into at least ten languages. And Tormance is a luscious world, at first appearing like the world of Avatar, but quickly becoming an acid trip of the highest afcturus, a world in which our hero Maskull encounters strange people lindsayy stranger places one after the other, and leaves piles of bodies in his wake.