This Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” is also called the ‘Darusman report’ or ‘PoE report. Mr. Darusman was also a member of the Commission of Inquiry on human rights The Special Rapporteur will report his findings and recommendations to the. The Special Rapporteur investigates and reports on the situation of human rights in succeeding Marzuki Darusman (Indonesia) who had served as the Special.

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My point Number 7 of that letter was on Human Rights in Sri Lanka, and your statement to Parliament rport November 20th, said — the Liberals promised to support justice and reconciliation, to address the terrible crimes committed at the end of the civil war. University of Michigan Law School.

The Island, Sri Lanka. There was aerial bombardment, long range artillery, and close range fire. Third, it leaves unstated the need for immediate action by government in the spheres in which it is unable to refute allegations made against the country. You also got a choice to skate on thin ice holding hands with your disingenuous parliamentary colleagues, or be safe on the side of honesty and.

We note that the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement, and Development in Rakhine is endeavouring to revive private investment in that state.

The Panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious reprot committed by the Government of Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Civil War. Sarath had a no nonsense approach to the conflict, and when the ICRC told him that firing was coming close to hospitals, his response was on the lines that the hospitals should no longer have been there, since they had been instructed to move.

For example, civilians have reported to the Fact-Finding Mission how they were forced to work for the Myanmar military. After all, eight years ago, I recall those now in authority trying to stop our defeat of terrorism by invoking foreign assistance. Its duty is to ensure that all allegations of human rights violations and abuses are promptly, thoroughly, independently and impartially investigated in the datusman place.

These include reports of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary deprivation of liberty, enforced disappearances, destruction of property and pillage, torture and inhuman treatment, rape and other forms of sexual violence, forced labour, recruitment of children into armed forces, and indiscriminate or disproportionate attacks.


The Government has put in place of its own accord a domestic mechanism dealing with a range of issues relevant to the conflict with a view to promoting reconciliation and confidence among people.

The Fact-Finding Mission has made significant progress in fulfilling its mandate.

Its shells fell near food distribution lines and the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC ships that were coming to pick up the wounded and their relatives from the beaches.

Government was only playing into their hands by refraining from disciplining them. Otherwise, we could be laying the groundwork, not for solutions, but for another repeat experience. I therefore duly got a fairly comprehensive list of duties. The first two sections are very strong, and provide an object lesson to the Sri Lankan government as to how it should have dealt with the allegations in the first place.

I mention this Darusman report in it. Suspected LTTE cadres were removed to other facilities, with no contact with the outside world, under conditions that made them vulnerable of further abuses.

This material can be looked at by the LLRC should it wish to do so, depending on its own assessment of the contents. Though I feel increasingly despondent, I continue to defend the war record of the government, and indeed feel that some of the absurdities now occurring spring from the bitterness felt with regard to unfair attacks on us.

The Government has alleged that the Paranagama Report agrees with the Channel 4 video allegations. The third issue is that of abductions and killings that had nothing to do with the war.

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Why would the Paranagama Commission do this, if it had accepted the film footage as authentic? They wonder what is left for them in Myanmar. Indian Peace Keeping Force.

The panel made a number of recommendations, including that there be an independent international investigation into the alleged violations of international law and that the Sri Lankan government carry out genuine investigations of the alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights law committed by both sides.

The Council has been briefed many times, by the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, among others, on the horrifying accounts of the Rohingya who have crossed into Bangladesh since October You must be logged in to post a comment.


The final months of the Sri Lankan Civil War resulted in the deaths of thousands of varusman, the displacement of more than , and allegations of gross violations of international and humanitarian law by both sides. Since the beginning of the year, the escalation of violence has resulted in another wave of internal displacement in Kachin and northern Shan and has magnified the longstanding humanitarian crisis in those areas.

While the intensity, scale and impact of the recent events in Rakhine were of a different order, the manner in which operations are conducted demonstrates marked similarities. Our politicised society has let the nation down. If, of course, the authenticity of the video is proved, that would establish a prima facia case. It should darus,an make use of what he has done to launch a robust defence of the way in which the war was conducted.

Is it true or false that the Paranagama Commission recommended a hybrid court similar to the Gambian Model to be implemented in Sri Lanka as suggested by the Government? The Myanmar authorities have announced willingness to receive refugees back.

Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka – Wikipedia

Erport a word from her. A first step in addressing such a crisis must surely be a recognition of the humanity of those who have had to flee and, consequently, of their human rights. And darusmn they have emerged as the strongest influences on policy in the government.

From the beginning, we reached out to the Government of Myanmar to seek dialogue and to be able to visit to conduct inquiries on the ground. But then Ban Ki-Moon had to satisfy his western pay masters, and so he decided to go ahead with Steven Ratner as a panelist, also to gain another opportunity to Moon at Sri Lanka one more time.