This is the first part of our tutorial series. In this tutorial we’re going to make our first program. So open up DarkBASIC Professional and we’ll get. The best way for beginners to learn a programming language is through simple tutorials that get them to use and understand basic commands by making simple . DarkBASIC Tutorials We built DarkBASIC so you could easily write your own games and programs.

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With this software you will be making your own games. The second line tells the computer to print something to the screen. Before we start, if we leave the computer to take care of our game’s framerate then our game will run slow and differently on different paced computers.

These tutorials use free software that doesn’t require darkbxsic programming. I’m a Canadian but I still spell color as color instead of colour.

Home I have a youtube channel with over Project Videos! Go ahead and try changing that to 0 or some other number and see what effect it has on the program.

DarkBasic Code Corner

Policies and guidelines Contact us. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Currently, there are 11 chapters. But you do futorial know how to delete sprites, how to detect collision with sprites, and have not used them very much yet. Use the sync rate command, to set the tutoroal the frame refreshes, mostly 30 is good darrkbasic 3d games in DarkBASIC, and 40 for 2d games is also good too, but use 30 to make sure. This tutorial won’t show you how to make a minesweeper game that looks like the fancy Windows version, but will cover the logic and rules of the game.


This link will take you directly to their section on Programming. You should see our player image drawn onto the top left corner of the screen. Discussions about this tutorial can be found on the community dsrkbasic here: Views Read Latest draft Edit View history.

How to build a particle engine This tutorial assumes the reader has basic knowledge of DarkBasic, such as using arrays and user-defined types UDT. Well, the if statements are checking to see if the argument after it is true or tktorial. This line of code is telling the computer to load an image from the computer.

One thing I didn’t add was animations unfortunately. Okay now, for the answers, if you cheat your on your own after you have this book completed so don’t be a wimp and take the coward’s way out. To see more have a look in paint, view the rgbs values and fool around that’s the way I found out, so you should find out too. Place tutrial lines of code inbetween the sprite command and the sync command.

Kinda boring still, right?

The rgb must be separated by brackets and then a comma for the transparency value. The sprite command tutoriql an image to the screen at the coordinates we specify. Dark Basic is perfect for you.

DarkBASIC Programming/2D Game Programming Pt 1

So what exactly does this code do? Click here for a list of tutorials featured in the TGC Newsletters. If you want to learn how to make video games and you think that you want to learn how to program then there is an excellent opportunity for you to tuyorial both.

This tutorial will explain to you how a pixel-scrolling map works, complete with a working example at the end.

This site uses cookies. Go directly to the list of top sellers. What kind of games programming course would we be if that was all you did with your first program? Try running the program now and see what it does.


Dark Basic Professional Beginner’s Tutorials

They dagkbasic these graphics in the default ink, darkbasiic the ink is tutorrial set it’ll use cyan as a default. The tutorial is broken into chapters and was designed to walk people through creating a real-time strategy RTS game. Go look at some more examples of multimedia in DarkBASIC, some more are 3dsound, and you can play music off your cd too.

File Access This tutorial is designed to teach readers what an array is and how to use it as well as various file operations. Make Video Games If you are not sure you want to learn how to program. The final part in your assignment is to edit all the code and data statements to make a sequel, add rooms, and more.

What’s the RGB for? Each chapter comes with a working example ready to compile. Try running the program now. It will show how to create a simple address book, how to save the data to a drkbasic, and read the data back into the array. The half way point, finally after all that coding and reading and days.

Place the image darkvasic a folder and save your program into this same folder. Evil Elves have captured you in their prison, now you must escape the Dungeon of Doom.