MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. Tenkoz Cypermethrin Insecticide. Revision: 3 . Date Issued: 01/15/ SECTION 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY. Cypermethrin (%). Material Have the product container, label or Material Safety Data Sheet with you when calling Syngenta (), a poison. Alpha-Cypermethrin. g/L. Aromatic hydrocarbon. VHIGH. Other ingredients determined non- hazardous. MED.

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Incompatible with lime and ordinary soaps because acids and alkalies speed up processes of hydrolysis. Handling should occur in a chemical fume hood.

Physical and Chemical Properties. Avoid direct physical contact.

Vitamin e topical application is highly effective in relieving paresthesias. If required, use an inert absrobent.

Sweep up and place in an appropriate container for disposal. Treat bronchospasm with beta2 agonist and corticosteroid aerosols.


Administer oxygen and assist ventilation as required. Erythema which mimics sunburn has also been noted after prolonged repeated exposure.


A physician should examine the area if irritation or pain persists. Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co. Field data indicate that in practice it is stable to air and light.

Gastric decontamination is usually not required unless the pyrethrin product is combined with a hydrocarbon. Use appropriate, approved safety equipment.

Rare cases of respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest have been reported. Hangzhou Yuhao Chemical Technology Co. Are stable for long periods in water-based aerosols where emulsifiers give neutral water systems. Employees should be provided with and be required to use impervious clothing, gloves, and face shields eight-inch minimum. Wear appropriate equipment to prevent: Untrained individuals should not handle this chemical or its container. Any supplied-air respirator with a full face piece and operated in pressure-demand or other positive pressure mode in combination with an auxiliary self-contained breathing apparatus operated in pressure-demand or other positive pressure mode.

alpha-Cypermethrin() MSDS Melting Point Boiling Point Density Storage Transport

Wear eye protection to prevent: Monitor for respiratory distress. Jinan Haohua Industry Co.


Treatment is symptomatic and supportive and includes monitoring for the development of hypersensitivity reactions with respiratory distress. Provide adequate airway management when needed. If cough or difficulty breathing develops, evaluate for respiratory tract irritation, bronchitis, or pneumonitis. Thermally stable up to C.

If irritation, pain, swelling, lacrimation, or photophobia persist, the patient should be seen in a health care facility. Hydrolyzed in strongly alkaline media.