Her first novel, Prep, which took her three years to write, was published in and concerns a girl, Lee Fiora, from South Bend, Indiana. Prep A Novel Written by Curtis Sittenfeld Prep Category: Fiction – Literary; Fiction – Coming Of Age; Fiction – Sagas Imprint: Random House Trade Paperbacks. PREP By Curtis Sittenfeld. pp. Random House. $ Seemingly bathed in a golden light of good fortune, the wealthy keep pieds-à- terre.

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Many school stories tell of teen groups shunning certain others, but Prep is different. This book kept me entertained enough during my six hour delay at Logan despite the somewhat tedious subject matter life for an “outsider” at a New England prep school.

Secrets from the making of the cult novel ‘Prep’ by Curtis Sittenfeld |

Sittenfeld doesn’t reduce the experiences or simplify them, the way most shows, novels, and movies about high school do. It speaks especially to those who were not considered the “cool kids” but so desperately wanted to be, but in the end, it remains a tale of woes from a girl who has judged herself worse than others skttenfeld have ever judged her, and who remains closed to the idea that everyone is lonely sometimes.

Teenagers live in state of metamorphosis and high school is their chrysalis. Now, 13 years after that green-ribbon-cover first hit shelves, Sittenfeld is a prominent author.

I always say that if a writer can evoke complete hatred and dislike for their protagonist from me, then they must be a good writer Lucinda Rosenfeld’s What She Saw Will an ill friend recover?


Retrieved September 3, Maybe I was also cringing at some of sittenfed memories this reading has kindled: However, this is not the case.

The happiest days of your life? Come off it

She was winey and spent most of the book complaining about her life, which after the first pages got really annoying. Cuurtis all, I had been burned many times before by the coming-of-age novel, and female authors tend to be the worst offenders for some reason. I have so many books laying around my apartment. Ault is the sort of place where, if you’re a girl, your social standing is measured by the intricacy of the flower design on your bedspread.

Age may be the hardest years for a teenager, male or female. Her first novel, Prepwhich took her three years to cutris, was published in and concerns a girl, Lee Fiora, from South Bend, Indianawho goes to Ault School, an elite boarding school near Boston, Massachusetts.

I’m basing my praise on the very thing I’m saying shouldn’t matter.

I ploughed on hoping that Lee would develop a back bone and benefit in some way from her experiences but she did neither of those things.

This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Sittenffeld if your chrysalis cannot be cracked open at the end of each school day when you return home; you live among your peers in this extreme environment for four straight years.

Hardly ever did it matter if you brushed your hair before driving to the grocery store, rarely did you work in an office where you cared pre; more than two or three people cutris of you. Because this book has to be about something other than the brazenly self-indulgent lives of rich kids at rich kid camp, naturally the socially awkward and neurotic narrator of Prep is at this richy Massachusetts school on gasp!


This makes it a beautiful challenge to recommend at the bookstore.

Curtis Sittenfeld

At Ault, caring about everything was draining, but it was also exhilarating. I’ve never read anything with a more loathesome, spineless, vacuous, sad-sack furtis character. When Liz’s father, Mr.

Sittenfelf angst is nothing if not entertaining. Or did she like my sweater because she was being mean and maybe something is wrong with it? Am I forever doomed to be the outsider?

Pgep all 9 comments. Jun 30, Maggie rated it really liked it. Jun 28, Raquel rated it did not like it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? It inspires in me a feeling I imagine to be familiar to those who have ever seized a pitchfork or a flaming torch and set off to terrorize a neighbor.

In the end, I can appreciate what attracted people to this book, making it a surprise success. It was far from perfect, often painful, and at pages sometimes felt a bit long, but these criticisms were easy for me to overlook seeing as I’ve never related to any fictional sittengeld the way I related to Lee Fiora. Retrieved 27 April Yes, I loved Prep Well, unfortunately, I never got to go to prep school, but I still like to fantasize about it from time to time, and this book certainly fit the bill.

Sittenfeld tended to write extremely long sentences full of comma splices.