Welding Inspection (WIS) TWI Training & Examination Services Granta . near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials give 90 The eLearning materials for CSWIP , one of TWI’s most popular courses, have been in great demand ever since the TWI Virtual Academy was launched at the. CSWIP – Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package and visual revision tools to support the learning materials and course content.

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Three essential factors for producing fusion weld are melting, removal of surface oxide from the materjal surfaces and elimination of atmosphere from the region of the arc.

CSWIP Welding Inspector –

What is the leg length of a fillet weld? What four criteria are necessary to produce HICC? One of the following alloys is non-magnetic. Which of courss following standards is entitled imperfections in Metallic fusion welds with cswil We deliver around technical courses in over 30 countries across the world. Internal lack of fusion defects can be normally found by using: The important point of high temperature steels is that: What is lamellar tearing?

CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1

The HAZ of fusion weld: When open site working, serious porosity in metal arc welds is brought to your attention. Listed below are four symbols. The extent of the changes in microstructure will depend on the following: Flame cut preparation may, during welding, increase the likelihood of: Porosity would mostly occur in which of the following: A welder and procedure re-qualification would be required: Which of the following could cause root concavity?

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MMA electrode can be grouped into three main types.

Penetrant inspection and MPI are mainly used to: The likelihood of brittle fracture in steels will increase with: In gas welding, leftward welding is described in BS as: Repair welding is often more difficult than production due to: Which of the following welding processes would you expect to use a collet: The prime purpose of the black light for fluorescent penetrant inspection: Why is Hot Pass so called?

In X-ray the quality of radiographic negative is assessed by the: Which of the following defects is unlikely to be found by visual inspection?

Which of the following current types would be used for welding aluminum with the TIG welding process?

Silicon is added to electrode coating as: When considering the heat treatment process of tempering: Why is a weld procedure qualification test necessary? High Phosphorous contents in carbon steels may cause: If arc strikes are found on carbon steel C eq of.

Which of the following steel structures has the highest hardness: To prevent the hardening and cracking of High Carbon Steel plate when flame cutting it is advisable to: Which of the following butt weld preparation is usually the most susceptible to lack of side wall fusion during MMA welding? Which of the following discontinuities could be as a primary processing discontinuity often found in cast material?

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Course Material for CSWIP 3.1 TWI Section 01

Cold lap in another term for: Weld symbols placed on a dotted line in accordance with ISO requirements means: This is most likely caused by: Hot shortness is a term mategial to indicate: How do I know if there are any short courses in the geographic area of my interest?

The certification has a five-year duration, renewed on presenting the relevant documents.

For open site manual metal arc welding the following equipment is available. Which of the following standards entitled Visual inspection of fusion welded joints?

Welding mterial may require welds to be deposited at a controlled rate heat input. Find out more about cookies. The process of tempering is often carried out to regain toughness after which of the following processes: