Imam Abu Ja’far Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Azdi al-Tahawi was born in AH 32; when Imam Ibn. 1. The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi by Hamza Yusuf; Page The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi. SKU# TB $ Description; Reviews (0). This product is sold out. A new edition reprint in Winter God willing. The Creed of Imam Tahawi (29 classes). Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Ninowy & Shaykh Abdur Rahman teach the work of Imam Al-Tahawi.

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I’d highly recommend the reading and study of this text for all concerned Muslims – in fact if you read or study only a handful of Islamic books in a lifetime then this has to be one of the essential short-listed texts that makes that list of ‘a handful’.

Of them all, The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi is the simplest, the most effective, and the least controversial. The Beat Generation was born out of WWII, and it still continues to exert considerable influence on today’s literary scene. Among them were al-Da’udi, the head of the Zahiris in Khurasan and al-Tabarani well known tzhawi his biographical dictionaries of hadith transmitters.

Hamza was condemned for assuming they are even correct in their nitpickingbut for which no criticism is given. Because Imam al-Tahawi avoided involutedly theological issues and systematically presented the most fundamental aspects of dogmatic theology, his creed has achieved an unusual degree of acceptance in the Muslim milieu.

Hamza’s unbelievable effort in translation and this contribution is remarkable, there were a few things or were translated that brought up questions though and tusuf be some words that were used in certain places tusuf seemed to be a stretch.

It’s a must read for Muslims who want to know what is the true and genuine Islamic belief aqidah. He was viewed as a distinguished and highly proficient writer and became tahaiw as the most knowledgeable of fiqh amongst the Hanafis in Egypt.


In this book you will find the pure and precise articulation of Muslim creed. View all 4 comments.

Hamza Yusuf – Author Detail – Renovatio

Sign In Register Help Cart. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Notify me of new comments via email. An insightful introduction by Sh. Great treatise, good for multiple reads and reference. It is still studied throughout the Muslim world hamzs increasingly in the West. No trivia or quizzes yet.

It’s a great tool for memorizing and to listen to what Muslim believe in an audio CD. Thank God it was translated, and hopefully inshaAllah we can get more works like this done, like a Seerah book of some sorts.

At-Tahawi’s creed was actually the earliest creed of Islam and this is why this book is highly regarded – it reflects the earliest views of Islam – views that were held not long after the Prophet’s death. See 1 question about The Creed of Od al-Tahawi…. We believe in the signs of the End of Time, including the appearance of the Antichrist and the Descent of Jesus, the son of Mary alaihsalaamfrom the celestial realm. When Tahawi was about 20 years old he abandoned the Shafi’i school and transferred to the Hanafi School.

It is the soundest text of the scholastic community of Islam and protection from deviant beliefs which are outside the fold of Islam. Has basically everything you need to know about Islamic theology, or Aqeedah. We loathe those who loathe them, and we only mention taahawi merits. Just a moment while we yusut you in to your Goodreads account.

Hamza Yusuf

Ask the seller a question. It occupies the highest respect in my collection of books as it is from where I take the articulation of my creed in one hundred and thirty points. Apr 29, Wayfarer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Generations later this was not the case and due to the aforementioned reasons, there was a need to preserve the true creed whilst also being able to teach it enmasse to others.


I can only look forward to more of his works being translated in to English as they will undoubtedly benefit the English speaking Muslims. I dont know how dreed review an Aqeedah book that has been around for over a Millenium.

What makes Biblio different? I’m so glad this had been translated! Ships with Tracking Number!

Ibn Yoonus said of him, “At-Tahaawee was reliable, trustworthy, a Faqeeh, intelligent, the likes of whom did not come afterward. Hamza’s unbelievable effort in translation and this contribution is remarkable, there were a few things that were translated that brought up questions though and may be I dont know how to review an Aqeedah book that has been around for over a Millenium.

Hardcoverpages. However ccreed nature of the text is such that it should only be studied with a teacher. By continuing to use this website, you athawi to their use. Hamza Yusuf includes are very beneficial and are free of the partisan attacks unfortunately found in most other English translations of Tahawi’s creed.

That and the permanent absence of a true guide and living example were all reasons to codify traditional creed into written formulas. In an age of bewildering spiritual and intellectual confusion, creed has never been more important.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikipedia

He came from a family of scholarship, piety and intellect hence, “he was destined to live more than an ordinary life” p. I’m taking a class on this book currently. Notify me when available. It is not something that you just pick up and read.

It’s important to have some inkling of this background history before delving into Islamic theology. Trivia About The Creed of Imam