Cranio-Vertebral AnomaliesDR. ANKUR NANDAN VARSHNEY IMS, BHU Varanasi. Cranio vertebral anomalies- overview -. 1. DR. SUMIT KAMBLE SENIOR RESIDENT DEPT. OF NEUROLOGY GMC, KOTA; 2. ANATOMY OF. The craniovertebral junction is the most complex of the axial skeleton, residing between the skull and the upper cervical spine. Congenital, developmental, and .

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In case of disruption at the interface cranlovertebral if atlanto axial dislocation occurs, the remaining part of the odontoid may compress the cervico meduallary region. In certain diseases of bone like hyperparathyroidism, pagets or osteomalacia, there is softening of the base of skull which gets invaginated. Mirror movements of the hands are often seen in klippel Feil syndrome due to inadequate decussation of pyramidal tract at medulla.

Craniovertebral anomalies.

A fissure in each sclerotome separate a denser caudal half from loosely arranged cranial half. A bizarre developmental anomaly of the occipital bone and upper cranioverttebral spine with striking and misleading neurologic manifestations. Sphincter disturbance is rare. Down syndromeachondroplasiaosteogenesis imperfecta Malignancies: Careful exam reveals a small hypoplastic odontoid at the upper border of the body of the axis. Remnants around foramen magnum.

Craniovertebral anomalies.

Department of Neurosurgery, Seth G. Regional Anatomy, Pathology, and Traumatology. Failure of segmentation from occiput.

The arch of the atlas, the odontoid and part of the axis can be excised. In the absence of strong reasons to consider embryological basis, traumatic theory is more rationale. Clivus segmentation Remnants around foramen magnum Basilar invagination Condylar hypoplasia Abnormal occipto atlantal ligament Malformation of atlas Failure of segmentation from occiput Atlanto axial fusion Aplasia of atlas arches.


Ueber Verderbungen des Craniovergebral infolge von Hydrocephalie des Grossihirns. If it goes on for years vascular damage may happen with no recovery even after adequate decompression. Diagnostics Cervical spine x-ray ; AP and lateral views: How to cite this URL: The abnormalities may have a familial occurrence.

Irrespective of methods used craniovertwbral is essential to immobilize its CV junction with collar till bony fusion occurs, which may take 3 months.

Several modification were suggested.

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Platy basia alone not associated with other conditions does not produce any symptoms.

Type II Chiari malformation is a common anomaly ; 1 in 10, live births Sex: Caudal half joins with cephalic half of adjacent sclerotome – future vertebra Mesenchymal cells of the fissure condense to form I. In basilar invagination, there is crowding of structures in the small post.

Craniovertebral junction anomalies – Knowledge for medical students and physicians

Reduction in spasticity is appreciated in the immediate post operative period. Factors considered were reducibility, mode of encroachment, cerebrospinal fluid CSF dynamics and syringohydromyelia.


Smaller number present with neck tilt, neck pain, cough headaches, occipital cephalalgia without any deficit.

Malformation of axis Irregular atlantoaxial segmentation Dens dysplasias Ossiculum terminale persistence Osodontoideum Segmentation falilure of C Neural dysgenesis. Lastly, associated Chiari malformation and syrinx may cause further neural animalies. Vertebral artery in relationship to C1-C2 vertebrae: It is generally believed that traumatic anomaalies leaves an irregular margin, though the margin may be rounded enough to be indistinguishable from the developmental anomalies.

Click on image for details. This is called basilar impression or secondary basilar invagination.

Caudal half joins with cephalic half of adjacent sclerotome – future vertebra. Malformations of occipital bone: Clinical features of CVJ crabiovertebral are due to compression of the brain stem and the spinal cord and may include recurrent occipital headaches, neck aches, bulbar palsyand upper and lower motor neuron palsy.

Encroachment into the spinal canal may also occur due to formation of the abnormal bone masses around the CV junction. The anterior type craniovsrtebral a short clivus horizontally placed, with the anterior lip of the foramen magnum invaginated in relation to the spinal column. Bony abnormalities in the region of foramen magnum: Craniovrtebral combination of assimilation of atlas and segmental failure of the II and III vertebral bodies exert an abnormal strain on the atlanto axial joints from childhood.