presenter on the subject of the course or presentation. Contact: **Campus- Booster ID: [email protected] Presenter’s Name. The Linux Kernel. Chaque option a un volume horaire de heures, alternant cours à distance et exercices pratiques sous la Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. Précédent Linux Technologies – System Fundamentals Suivant [email protected] localhost:~$ find /home -type f -exec ls -lh {} \; > /dev/null [email protected]:~$ ls -l.

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Of course this article will not represent all the environments present.

They are available in the form of distributions, so software collections that include a rich and variable depending on who created it and the purposes for which it was created selection of personal productivity applications, manipulation of multimedia files audio, video, photofor entertainment, didactics, software development, system management and more, to be installed together with the operating system.

Installing Ubuntu perhaps the most well-known Linux distribution also includes the LibreOffice suite for individual productivity, web browsing and e-mail programs, and Ubuntu Software Center, the “store” that you can choose from thousands of download programs with one click.

Supijfo show date, suupinfo It is therefore highly probable that a Linux user always spins with one or more USB sticks in his pocket with some live distribution installed above: In conclusion, these are only few commands of the ocean of options and instructions that you can lonux in Linux terminals.

Les cours à SUPINFO International University | SUPINFO, École Supérieure d’Informatique

I hope this article was informative for you and I would like to thank you! Defaults insults Save and close the file. An intense activity that has allowed Linux to evolve greatly. Pwd Command pwd shows you in which directory you are inside at the moment. This command is used to mount a file system. Those that exist are primarily installed on computers where e-mail servers are turned on, and are used to protect Windows systems from any malicious emails.


All distributions share the original Linux kernel the core created by Torvalds and based on the programming of the different versionswhile they differ in the so-called “software park”, ie the programs prepared and selected by the developers to the software management system and the service and maintenance services offered. Note that almost all of these commands need superuser privileges to work well.

17 options de spécialisation

It works exactly like winrar or winzip for Windows. Report reference Riya Wahyudi. SUDO command is a unix or unix-like command that allow an user to execute curs program or a command with security privileges of another user, usually the super user.

In front of a demonstration of the capabilities of one of the many Linux-based free systems, the user in general is always quite obsessed.

Linux Common Commands

For files and personal system configurations live. Kernel developers are few, so anyone who can prove that they can write valid code tend to have no problems finding bids of work”. Several features shows it, in particular: Df display filesystem Command. Installing Packet Tracer 7. Go to the installation directory.

Then these supjnfo have become more and more significant contributions, and today Linux has come to an enviable state: Linux viruses are so few and so rare that antivirus is considered a useless waste of resources. It searches using file name it can be used with sensitive or insensitive search.


Cd change directory Command.

It is used to change user password from command line. For a while, maybe.

Additionally, some distributions include only free software. To create a new tar archive, type: It is used to configure a wireless network interface. Developed by Cougs, unity is based on Gnome3. Linux’s main strength is to respect the user’s freedom of the user: Tail Command tail prints the last 10 lines of a file by default, but this number can be greater or lower.

Welcome to Cisco Packet Tracer 7. However due to the strong popularity of Ubuntu, the interface was seen adapted With Unity, the dock is initially on the left of the screen, where it function like any other environment.

Nothing will be touched on the hard drive, but after a while we will have a fully functioning system, useful to familiarize yourself with the interface and to verify that all hardware is well-supported and working before proceeding with a real installation own. The principal problem that one can meet with Unity is to have a machine which misses power to launch correctly Unity, an interface of substitution: Enlightenment is mainly concentrated on the experiment and the visual innovation in the field of the graphs.

To list all available packages: The most frequent comments are: For example file1 and file2 output will be printed inside the terminal using:. Mkdir make directory Command.