Courage and Conviction: An Autobiography is an autobiographical book by Indian General Vijay Kumar Singh. It was first published by Aleph Book Company in In it, Singh criticises various situations in which he was involved, including VK Singh now speaks out in his autobiography ‘Courage and Conviction’ on. Courage and Conviction has ratings and 15 reviews. Mansoor said: VK Singh was a unique Indian Army Chief as he stood out in news for. Courage and Conviction has 1 rating and 0 reviews. General V. K. Singh served in the Indian Army for 42 years, retiring as Chief of Army Staff on 31 May.

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Courage and Conviction: An Autobiography by General V. K. Singh

The appointment of civilians as the head of ministry of defense is somehow the reason of a lack of competitive edge. This was when I rightly started hating the Congress party.

Somewhat poorly written, I was often times wondering what the link of a sentence was to the previous sentence. Return to Book Page. Here’s how terms and conditions apply.

The bureaucrats and politicians gives no value to the men who fight for the country, they have build nexus to create more and more troubles for e Read this book because wanted to know more about army men and their life. Even when discussing contentious issues signh author does sungh go for the jugular but exercises restraint while describing various knotty events in his long career.

He also successfully completed two international courses which were badge of honor for any army sinfh in the world. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Right after his passing out the author landed in to one of the oldest and traditional infantry battalion in Indian Infantry and the initial anecdotes are interesting in explaining ways and standards of inner working of a battalion and early days of a subaltern in it.

The birth of a youth brand This book excerpt outlines how saucy, edgy Fastrack was conceived out of the Titan stable and evolved into a A highly decorated soldier, he was the twenty-fourth Chief of the Indian Army. I feel you should, especially if you are in the army, or are interested in the affairs of the armed forces.


Courage and Conviction: An Autobiography by V.K. Singh

Certified BuyerHyderabad. I would like to appreciate for the selection of words and bringing to fore the failing democracy and its reasons. General never pointed out any major flaw of his own that might leave you wandering whether he was such an ideal commander himself? Biographies of Twelve Soldiers. Yeh hamare level pe hota hain Fear means being afraid and this happens at our level, to soldiers Panik [panic] unche darje ka dar hota hain jo officer level pe hota hai Panic is a higher level of fear which happens to officers The author writes from the heart and this lends a sense of authenticity to his writing.

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During the course of our carrier we have read many Biographies and Autobiographies of famous Military leaders. He was older than me and I asked him if he had eaten anything.

His propensity to get into trouble with the media is because he acts like a soldier – straight talking and holding no punches – exactly what we need from our soldiers. Singh, who served in the Indian Army for forty-two long years and retired as the Chief of Army Staff on 31st May, My question from you sir, now you have highlighted all what is wrong with bureaucracy, and how its effecting functioning of our Armed Forces, being in government now are we expecting some changes??

He is known for taking government to court on the issue of his age discrepancy which is still fresh in our memories. You can learn that even entire system is against you, you can live as per your terms and enjoy life. This is also the story of a convictuon fight against the system, against bureaucratic apathy, corruption and indifference to national securi In order to navigate out of convictioj carousel please use your heading shortcut sungh to navigate to the next or previous heading. Start reading Courage and Conviction on your Kindle in under a minute.

See all 69 reviews. Now that you are not shackled by uniform and your yourself are in politics what steps have you taken to tackle and improve our position both countrymen and spe An account of a true soldier and noble citizen Book more or less is description of every armed forces officer.


Singh has always been blatantly honest about his views and in the book he writes about instances when he had to take a firm stand on many issues, from deployment of the army against the Maoists to procurement of arms. Though, my reason for reading his autobiography was none of it, I was more curious to know about life in the forces and how on earth our Army works so efficiently with so much of constraints in the budget and with outdated weaponry. He was also the first serving Indian military chief to take the Government to court.

Be the first to ask a question about Courage and Conviction. In the Navy, on a ship, all shipmates have to trust each other, and, most importantly, everyone has to trust the Captain, singn vice versa. Is this atmosphere of trust deficit having an adverse effect on the efficacy of our armed forces? Excellent and very enlightening book Very insightful, motivating and gives us courage to think and do what is right. Certified BuyerChikmagalur District. Only for plus members Get exciting benefits.

Quotes from Courage and Convi A highly decorated soldier, he was the twenty-fourth Chief of the Indian Army. From his early days as company commander on the Line of Control in Poonch, to commanding elite formations, Victor Force in Jammu and Kashmir and the vast Eastern Command that shares international boundaries with Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh, to his experience of military operations and exercises such as Blue Star, Brasstacks and Trident, General Singh’s story makes for fascinating reading.

However it turned out to be a historical one, a combination of personal corage and history of the Indian armed forced right from the British days along with a good insight of the traditions and build of the fighting character in the armed forces. Reveals information about bribery and corruption scandals in the armed forces during his tenure as Chief of Army Staff. Well, I will leave that question for you to ponder on after you read the book.