Perhaps Cortázar’s most famous short stories are those that, like “Continuidad de los parques” (“Continuity of Parks”), have a fantastical quality. “Continuity of. Continuidad de los parques. Date Monday Many thanks. Incidentally, have you read my earlier Cortazar rendition of “La noche boca arriba”?. Julio Cortázar. The story setting goes from a man looking out into the park, to a setting of a cabin within the park. The author blurs the line.

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He enjoyed the almost perverse pleasure of separating himself line by line from his surroundings, but to feel at the same time his head resting comfortably on the velvet of the high-backed chair, his cigarettes continuing to be within easy reach [al alcance de] of his hand. She must follow the path that goes to the north.

La Continuidad de los parques by Karolina Grodzki on Prezi

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Ocntinuidad, Allie, for your kind comments! October 6, deeblog. March 1, deeblog. April 5, Sean.


No longer looking, bound rigidly to the task which was awaiting them, they separated at the door of the cabin. May 11, B. I quite re looking through a post that can make people think.

Continuidad de los parques

A translation of a very short story “Continuity of the parks” by this cortazarr. Deeblog book reviews, film reviews, translations, essays. You’re very welcome, Spencer, and thanks for your comments!

He sits in a green velvet chair, savoring the feeling of sinking into the story while enjoying his cigarettes and the view of the park from his study window.

Thank you so much, had it not been that I stumbled across your site, I would have not understood the story well enough. Perhaps the most vontinuidad interpretation would have the woman in the story be the reader’s wife, in which case her lover would have every intention of slaying his rival. What was the whole scene in the forest? He had started reading the novel a few days before. Thanks so much for this translation! Word by word, he was absorbed into the sordid dilemma of the heroes, letting himself drift towards the images which concerted and acquired colour and movement, he was a witness to their last meeting in the mountain cabin.


As I was reading it in spanish, I did not get what was actually happening – until now. No one would be in the first room, no one in the second.

A breathy dialog ran through the pages like a stream contnuidad serpents, which felt as if it had always been so. He climbed the three stairs of the porch and went in. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Admirably she clotted the blood with her kisses, but her caresses were rejected: November 10, Rakesh. Thanks for your comments, Joe! Notify me of follow-up comments via email.

A dialogue ran eagerly through the pages like a stream of serpents, and one felt as if all had been decided from the start. It was a massive help! December 9, joe. They have helped me immensely.

I feel much better knowing what happens.

He climbed the three steps of the porch and entered. Who kills the reader and why? It began to get dark.