Document. Conpes. Republic of Colombia. National department of Planning Bogota, D.C., December 20 of 2. CONTAINED. INTRODUCTION. conpes de pdf file. Quote. Postby JustĀ» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for conpes de pdf file. Will be grateful for any help! Top. (CONPES, of December, ) followed up on the earlier decree, . () estimate that the Government of Colombia would face a.

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Clicking on ” Display results on the map” triggers conped map with the search results to which you can add the nutrition indicators. National Cancer Control Programme Nordic plan of action on better health and quality of life through diet and physical activity P Sweden A better life through diet and physical activity: Gives discussion of legal framework regarding maritime and continental waters, water quality, regulatory nature of the country.

conpes 3146 de 2001 pdf to jpg

Senate of the Republic of Colombia. Includes a discussion of existing systems consulted and the ideal end result of the new structure.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic. A better life through diet and physical activity: National Strategy for Development and Integration The users have in the past constructed what was needed for their own benefit, but the corporations, under the authority of Law 99 have begun to reshape water politics by advancing new works. Very basic hydrogeographical information of Colombia.

A joint study with the Universidad del Valle hopes to determine the best way to adjust and modify the methodology of distribution. West Bank and Gaza Strip. National Food and Nutrition Implementation Plan. General Law of the Water. 2001 Nations Development Assistance Framwork.


conpes de pdf file – PDF Files

Aller au contenu principal Skip to navigation. Law 99 of December 22By which the Department of the Environment is created, themselves reorder the Public Sector responsible for conpess management and conservation of the environment and the renewable natural resources, the Environmental National System is organized, SINA and other dispositions are dictated. President of the Republic of Colombia. Labor Standards Act No. Nutrition in Jordan Update and plan of Action.

Begins with colonial history, moves close to present with Law Action plan for implementation of the national nutrition policy. The majority of the document focuses on continental water, but also touches on atmospheric and ocean water. Guidelines for artificial recharge of groundwater systems, contamination prevention, and land delineation and acquisition for the purposes of water system management are also advised. P Peru Act. Document providing the information needed to stimulate a plan of multi-sectoral management of water resources.

Law of July 11By which the state of the home public utilities is established and other dispositions are dictated. Expanded Breastfeeding Compes Act of Original Law also available in full in Laws section. August 31, of Discusses problems with existing Colombian notions about water supply. S on the Legislation of the Water. The document is a record of input by representatives of different interests as to the desired formulation of the new water law.


Proyecciones de la Salud Publica en Cuba para el Directives sur l’Alimentation du Nourrisson et du Jeune enfant. National Nutrition Action Dr.

Gives a conpew detailed overview of the laws affecting water allocation in Colombia. There are several mentions of amendment 99 and how to incorporate this into the new law. Discusses the organization of the project. Code of Ethics for Audiovisual Advertising to Children. Law of August 4Through which the “Convention of the United Nations of fight against the desertization in the countries affected by serious drought or desertization, particularly Africa” is approved.


Bogota, December 23, Law 10 ofThrough which norms on territorial sea, exclusive economic zone, continental platform and other dispositions are dictated.

Discusses problems facing the administration of water in Cundinamarca. National Child Health Policy: Tells what is being done in the region, and tells what is sought by the department in the new law. Version approved Bogota, D.

conpes de pdf to jpg – PDF Files

Expands on the outline from document 21 to a full draft of the proposed new law. Sub-program Promoting healthy lifestyles and creating an enabling environment. Poverty Reduction Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for Discusses ramifications of not adequately treating water in terms of predicted economic losses copnes gives ve city of Medellin as an example where xe is being properly planned for and carried out.

Outline of what will be included in the new law. Political Constitution of Colombia. Legal document, also included in legal section. It Regulates the articles 42 and 43 of the Law 99 ofwith respect to the implementation of vengeful rates for pouring of contamination into water. Outlines the major areas that must be included in the new bill.