A Composition in raga Hamsadhwani which is in Teen taal is given here. The Composition, Alaap and the Taans are given along with bansuri. This Yaman composition for bansuri flute is composed in Dadra taal (6 beat rhythmic cycle). In the following style this composition is played. Bansuri: raag bhupali – introduction & 1st composition. The aroha (or the ascent) is sa re ga pa dha sa’. Aroha: sa re ga pa dha sa. Bhupali is a pentatonic raga.

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There are two varieties of bansuri: The approach, structure and exposition of these 2 forms are quite different although there are many similarities as well and so for this discussion, it should be understood that the musical context is that of North Indian music. Beyond my wildest dreams, I was able to meet and begin studies with Hariprasad Chaurasia himself and spent many long hours and days in his company in Mumbai learning the art and craft of the bansuri.

Hansadhwani Introduction Hansadhwani is a common evening melody that is especially popular with flute players due to its relatively easy fingering. This book features pages of compositions that I received from my guru, the great flute master Pandit Vijay Raghav Raofrom Bach flute sonatas and find they are very beautifully rendered on the Bansuri although much practice is needed to make the correct intonation on these pieces.

Post navigation Paul Horn: It should be noted that the Bansuri of North Indian music also known as Hindustani music is quite different than the Bansuri used in South Indian music also known as Carnatic music. He had only been playing flute for 6 months and had learned a bit from watching YouTube flute lessons. This was recorded on an E flute.

How it works The book is in PDF form, and when you purchase it, I will email you instructions on how to download it. Kerry Kriger teaches Jog Enjoy the video! I am not looking to be a professional, just want to be able to play meditative ragas to relax and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of this music and instrument.


This simple bamboo flute is usually played with just 6 or 7 holes sometimes a 7th hole with the right hand pinkie. Beginners will find the introduction to Indian Classical Music which includes an explanation on how to read Indian Music notation very useful, while advanced musicians will enjoy learning new ragas, taan structures and complex rhythmic patterns.

It is said animals and humans alike would stop all their activities and enter into states of divine bliss. We also provide first class Bansuri from renown flutmaker Subhash Thakur. The tone Hariprasad produces is so rich and his expression so pure, precise and musical, I was instantly converted. compositikns

The book will give you the structure to play ragas, to improvise and to practice in an effective manner with good musical habits that allow you improve rapidly. This is an absolutely indispensable tool for anybody interested in Indian Classical Music. It can be said that much of the effect of Indian music can still be made on a western flute, but also it is true that the coompositions and effect is more profound on the actual bansuri.

Jog – Compositions & Exercises

So it’s a win-win situation. The fipple variety is usually played in folk music and is held away from the basnuri like a whistle. With the innovations brought about by Pannalal Ghoshwho was a disciple of the great Indian master Allaudhin Khanthe bansuri was extended to a larger instrument of more than 30 inches. I knew he enjoyed listening to Hansadhwani, so I taught him this lesson you can download the full, unedited mp3 by clicking the link; right-click to download.

Will start banssuri this one today. One of my students, George, came by for his second flute lesson. Thanks to you I have learned one raga Bhoopali. Get on the mailing list This will be an absolutely indispensable tool for anybody interested in Indian Classical Music.


Other places such as Hawaii are also sources of suitable bamboo that fulfill the requirement of having long sections between nodes of the bamboo. This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 7. It has been compositinos to be one of the most serene and sensual instruments to come out of India.


This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 7. Legend has it that years ago Lord Krishna wandered an area known as Vrindavan and mesmerized all with his Bansuri.

This instrument is known to display the beauty of very slow and meditative forms known as alap in North Indian music as well as very fast and complicated passages. The book is in PDF form, and when you purchase it, Compositiond will email hansuri instructions on how to download it. The word Bansuri is actually the conjunction of two words — Baans bamboo and Sur musical note.

At that time I did not know anyone who could teach bansuri nor did I know where to get a proper bansuri so I did my best compoistions the effect on western flute which I have played since I was 13 years old. Your video of Jog on E, and then the lesson of Jog on F, but most importantly the hand written page of notes for Jog – so invaluable.

Bansuri Learning Raga Yaman | Flute Bansuri-Official Site

Both compositions are in teental. I have attempted to write everything as legibly as possible, and I xompositions not foresee that anybody would have trouble reading the compositions. I’ll have the book available for sale here as soon as possible! Most people with high speed internet connection should be able to download it without problem, but if you experience trouble, I’ll post you a CD with the file on it.

I like the way you compositiona the basic concepts, notes and then run through the notes slowly. I am excited and hope you are too.