Composite Providers are used to combine multiple InfoProviders using Join or Union operations. When you use SAP BW on HANA, one of the InfoProvider. Trying to figure out how SAP BW’s relatively new virtual InfoProviders . CompositeProvider / Composite Provider – How to assign your Source. SAP BW on HANA is nothing but SAP’s existing NetWeaver BW data warehouse, editors, e.g. for the composite provider or the new query designer (planned).

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You can click a topic to jump to that particular section: Secondly, in the fifth inn sixth column of Figure 18, we see the field values of all the Dancing Course Instructors. In Figure 3 we see the PartProviders we can select when we press Add: Inthe artist Jamiroquai released the song Virtual Insanity.

Because we mapped the Land Source Field first to the Target, the Target field will end up with the description Land, despite being called Country in one of the PartProviders. Furthermore, in the section on the left we can model a Join or a Union. Good luck with provlder your Composite Providers!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you see the message in Figure 10, the field cannot be used in a CompositeProvider:. Hi Steven, Good questions!

When you preview the composite provider you will find the data. Left side of the Scenario Tab Furthermore, in the section on the left we can model a Join or a Union. OpenSAP recommendations 9 Sep, In that song he predicts a future where we as a people are threatened by technology. How to Join and Union in the Scenario Tab. Add PartProvider screen Here we see something interesting. Without going into the hana studio can we find out which operation did composite provider performed Join, union in Bw itself.

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Hi Sid, I think that this solution has not been But I still have some questions: In the General Tab you can find query runtime settings, such as parallel processing, caching and the query read mode.

Procedure to create Composite Provider

Together with Part I of this article, you are now equipped with the knowledge necessary to go virtual in BW! May 4, at Hi thanks for the nice explaining. Or do you recommend always using an OODS? January 11, at We can create as many joins and unions as we want, but with a few limitations.

SAP BW on HANA Composite Providers

Once you click a PartProvider on the left side of the Scenario Tab, it shows up in the Source section. Next, in Figure 12, we have to select which field to join the field we right-clicked in Figure For instance, if you select 10 characteristics it may initially only show about 4. Procider world of online dancing courses has just become more transparent! Here we see something interesting. I am not able to click on like.

After you fill in the straightforward stuff, like name and description, you get to the following screen:. Running a query from BO Analysis. You cannot use the OLAP cache, when there are fields in the query definition. Steven Posted on September 17, at 1: Select Join Partner screen.


Field cannot be used in a CompositeProvider. No search term specified.

Procedure to create Composite Provider. You can click a topic to jump to that particular section:.

Migrate Composite Provider SAP BW

Source fields are automatically mapped to the same Target fields with the same data type, length and technical name. The Scenario Tab In Figure 4 we see that the screen is split up into 3 segments: This site uses cookies. The modeling of our CompositeProvider was a success! We are running a web-service same user-id for each job against SAP HANA and are wondering if there is a way of tracking auditing the login plus the results that are being returned as an outcome for this web-service.

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This is especially important when you model an Inner Join as in our example. This bs where the CompositeProvider comes in. Migrate your Composite Providers after upgrade BW7. We can model a Join or a Union by either right-clicking the PartProviders or the box indicating the Join or Union itself. I believe it depends on where you want to model. Anyways great write up, your efforts are much appreciated.

If you want to add all the fields, right-click 73. PartProvider in the Source section and click Create Assignments see Figure 8. April 3, 2 minute read.