Como Pinta Vicente Segrelles. El autor de EL MERCENARIO explica todos los secretos del oficio. Vicente Segrelles Art Handbook. Author of the graphic novels: . Tebeos y Comics – Art Comic: Como pinta segrelles y la fantasia de segrelles – vicente segrelles. Compra, venta y subastas de Art Comic en todocoleccion. Vicente Segrelles has 68 books on Goodreads with ratings. Vicente Segrelles’s most popular book is The Color of Magic (Discworld, #1; Rincewind, # 1). Como Pinta Vicente Segrelles by. Vicente Segrelles. it was amazing avg.

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The Mercenary: 1. The Cult of the Sacred Fire

If you like good sword and scorchey type books, and don’t mind women running around half naked, you might enjoy this. He’s a classical painter of female nudes!

If only the artist didn’t feel the need to put so much unnecessary nudity in it. Or wearing only a scarf behind a Conan-ish guy on a flying dragon. Here are valleys of dragon-riders in cities above the clouds, and here floating cities populated by all-female cults, and so on.

Also, I laugh at the complete ignorance of geological time that would allow the claim that a small pocket of the world allowed some dinosaurs to survive the ice age the most recent mere thousands of years ago, versus the millions since the end Cretaceous that killed the others I will grant that in the 70’s the cause of the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs remained a mystery, but the time scale is still completely whack. Kenzie rated it liked it Apr 19, Nikolai rated it really liked it Feb 11, And this comic series of his is a class The Mercenary, written and drawn by Vicente Segrelles, is indisputably the best comic series I’d read so far.


Popular Vicente Segrelles Books

I only have high praises for this man because of how great he really is. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Like on every page. Pedro Cravo rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Double-tap on an area of text to zoom and read. Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an viceente review.

Popular Vicente Segrelles Books

But it is Vargas-like Playboy artist; I think I heard of him nudity, air-brushed, classically nude. Had no familiarity with this and per-ordered on a whim.

Auch hier wird er wieder angeheuert, um eine Frau zu befreien. Story vicnete is a bit similar to Conan in feel. The art is beautfoul here, with pages that almost look like a canvas.

Okay, occasionally you see a guy without a shirt, too.

Also, I could do without the 70’s hair, and the apparent perms most of the women appear to have. Coomo, it is not a book that I would necessarily seek out as with so many other things I’ve read, I stumbled across it working at a libraryand I certainly wouldn’t pay its retail price for it, but if my library system gets more volumes in the series, I will probably read them to see what happens, and to enjoy the marvelous scenery.

Translated from Spanish as this was first published in Spain right after they became a democracy. Just so he can say he promotes some approach to equality.


The Mercenary: 1. The Cult of the Sacred Fire by Vicente Segrelles

As suspected, this is wonderful to look at, and less so to read. One of the things about becoming a democracy, after being a dictatorship is that everything is open, and Spain, not being a Puritan based country, was very, very open to beautiful nudes, as First, let me say, this really is georgously illustrated, with painted art, rather than the usual ink, that is then colored.

Contains some bare chested women due in part to the new found freedom artists had with their new government and probably also because Europe tends to have fewer hangups about the human body as art. Oh, well, who cares. Kindle Edition64 pages.

Refresh and try again. Of course, I’m a comics scholar! No trivia or quizzes yet.

Alberto Zaliani rated it really liked it Apr 18, Isn’t it cold up their in the clouds in their anachronistic vicwnte Overall, I liked this, though I feel a bit guilty saying so. And this comic series of his is a classic because not only that it was first published onbut because of its outstanding content that makes it what it is.

But it feels almost chaste, in a way.