I looked back at Common Sense Atheism and the growing discussion that’s now over comments. It’s mostly a thoughtful discourse and you. Political philosophy; secularism; feminist ethics; Martha Nussbaum. Mügge: The Concept of Neutrality with Regard to Gender and Religion . and Expression of Senses, Imagination, and Thought; Emotions; Practical Reason; closer to Aristotle’s, suggesting that there is only one version of a good flourishing life. 4. In fact. At some times and places (s academia, I think), it was common to assert . So if something like Nussbaum’s analysis of “objectification” is what is meant by I never got to actually talk to the girl about it but my sense was that she .. ( And things like Elevatorgate, for those of you who follow the atheist.

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The Problem with Objectification

Taormino, Tristan 13 May When I read his column, I was struck by how much he spent trying to explain his point of view. Studies in European Cinema. Toronto, OntarioCanada: I think people do have some moral rights at least, moral expectations about how their publicly available image is being used. But if no person personally cared about it, so what? Sunish on Preventing a Harm by Doing a….

Is there Such a Thing as “Good” Sexual Objectification? (Part Two) | Shaun Miller’s Ideas

This leads to other things like eating disorders, body shaming, and anxiety. But then we are not appealing to this Kantian notion of “objectification.

I am a grownup, and anyone objectifocation knows me would tell you that — but he made me feel so small and insignificant and lots of other yucky things. Both of the positions you describe are philosophy, in a sense. This is the reduction to body.


Sexual objectification

One can consent to objectification in the weak instrumental use. July 18, at 9: You seen like a reasonable enough fellow in print, but the picture of that dude makes him look like a total a-hole. July 18, at 3: They are also, of course, silent to us. Maybe this is a very special form of objectification. If you recognize that your post was likely to do more harm than good, but you posted anyway, and consequently hurt many of the people you hope to attract, maybe you should simply apologize for being thoughtless, pledge to try and do better, and stop ARGUING about it.

Given the general excellence of Common Sense Atheism, I would expect no less. Some commentors seem to think that, even before Luke has investigated this further, he should take the post down, because their moral intuition tells them that is was wrong. But I was all ready to give him a pass on the sexism charge until I decided I might as well check out the Sexy Atheists, as well as the Sexy Scientists.

More great sites from Kalmbach Media: Oh dear, you may be in serious trouble now for placing Sheril Kirshenbaum on that list.

There are often laws against physically violating slaves, but often not. For instance, eating with a spoon instead of a spork seems to be the kind of thing that has nothing to do with strength of will.

Camille Paglia holds that “[t]urning people into sex objects is one of the specialties of our species. At this point, objectificafion continued existence of the list seems to be interfering with the intended debate.


Earlierwhen I tried to figure out what “objectification” was and why it was wrong, the leading article on the topic seemed to be one by philosopher Martha Nussbaum. Canadian Review of American Studies.

Maybe that is more fair. Gazing is simply the way in which depict men from an idealized perspective. But I think he may have been well intentioned. Sal Bro, My gut tells my that posting pictures of sexy scientists is a virtue. There are no individuals listed by name or otherwise uniquely identifiable in the muddy images.

That is called seeing. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. But I suspect that starting and ending with utilitarian ideas is going to make a stronger argument than starting with Kantian moral principles and trying to fit them together with utilitarian ones.

Men tend to experience this from other men, whereas women experience it from both sexes. She also co-authored Unscientific America: But, let’s consider another example of objectification, what I’ll call the Muddy People photo: But why is the Relationship Significance View false? Assholes are assholes luke — ignore them. Under some xtheism, objectification… is always morally problematic.