When I use the built in vertiy search engine, everything works fine except my resul ts page provides duplicates of every result. I am using. Actually, you have two great engines for CF9: Verity (classic) and Solr (modern). Both of them implement the idea of collections. Creating and maintanence of the . The Verity Search’97 indexing and searching technology, which has been incorporated into ColdFusion, provides a means for creating collections of indexed.

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Notice that we do not use signs around our column names. The process is similar to adding a new record to the index. Make sure you have a good help page drawn up to let your users know what they can do with Verity. For this action attribute value: By continuing to use this site you accept their use.

Starting with ColdFusionthe path attribute will be ignored. You can enter multiple words separated by commas: The search engine searches the result set for criteria without regard to the previous search score or rank. You can download the example database or create a table in your own datasource. Removed reference to external collections.

Special Techniques Adding one record at a time to your index As stated earlier, you would usually want to index records as they are added to your database instead of en masse. If it is then you will get memory leaks on your CF server and it will eventually crash.


By default, it sorts in ascending order.

Creating a Collection

For a category in a category tree, the number of documents is the number at or below that level in the tree. For this to work, you need to make sure you have the database available!

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

For the list action, the default is to list all collections, Veritg. A context summary containing the search terms, highlighted in bold by default. Specifies the name of the structure variable into which ColdFusion places search information, including alternative criteria suggestions spelling corrections. To say the least, there are a few concepts that you need to grasp, but the basics are quite easy to get.

Actually, you have two great engines for CF9: Putting it all together code example Here are some simple ColdFusion templates to help you get started. The search is case-insensitive. I found vSpider but I wonder it should be more veritg way to done this.

Before it can search, Verity must first index data into a collection, which is a set of files including the files plus a set of metadata about those files that is optimized for searching.

An alternative query that might produce better results.

How can I use Verity to index and search database content in ColdFusion 9? – Stack Overflow

Use this attribute in conjunction with contextHighlightEnd to highlight search terms in the context summary. A collection must be created and indexed before this tag can return search results. To codfusion a simple collection form page: When used before a search word, Verity also finds words that are synonyms to the search word that it modifies.


Furthermore, it should be noted that indexing data is extremely CPU intensive. This information is not available for K2Server collections.

To determine whether a collection exists, use code, such as the following, to execute a query of queries: With this tag you can Create Solr collections. ColdFusion stores this information about each collection; it automatically detects whether a collection is internal or external. The HTML to append to search terms in the context summary. Verity provides flexibility and functionality that would take a lot of effort to provide using only ColdFusion and SQL code. Creating and maintanence of the collection is pretty obvious and can be found in manual see previous links.

Can be used in addition to the category attribute. This will index the coldffusion database table. This is enabled if you set the contextpassages attribute to a number veriyt than zero.

How Do I Use Verity Collections?

Since it is designed to do nothing but text searches, it is extremely fast, and efficient at doing so. Number of records searched. If a title is not extracted from the document, the tag uses the cfindex title attribute value for each row. Always return spelling suggestions. Removed references to a separate K2 server and k2server.

The number of documents searched.