How is IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 .. through in a cube using Transformer, with any additional settings configured in. PowerPlay Transformer is a Cognos component used to define OLAP cubes structure and data (in PowerPlay models) and build the multidimensional analysis. COGNOS – Powerplay. Powerplay Transformer combines all of the data into a summarized format called a PowerCube.• The PowerCube.

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We can see a new time dimension in the Dimension Map of the model: Every dimension requires a column on a lowest level of the dimensions hierarchy usually an ID column is at the bottom At least one measure must be derived directly from a source column.

IBM Cognos Transformer

Follow the steps below to add a new dimension:. Put the PowerCube file name: Variable costs – monthly detail level in a source data.

Other measures can be calculated. First a percent of total of a allocation base measure is calculated and based on that figure, the corresponding values for allocated measure are calculated.


Bharati DW Consultancy: Basic Cognos Powerplay Transformer Cubes – Tutorial 1-of

We will analyze the following measures from our tutorial business scenario: There are also 9 flash movies with guides on how to work with cognos. Do you powerpkay months in the time dimension?

The tutorial is aligned to a typical business scenario to facilitate the learning process. How to change the package for an existing report w Variable costs allocated dynamically by quantity: When all dimensions and measures are set up, we will generate PowerCubes and open it in PowerPlay.

We will get into more details on that options later on in this tutorial. About Me Siva Mandala.

Do you want to generate categories? Do you want quarter-years in the time dimension?

Cognos Tutorials And Trainings. Time dimension Time dimension is a special type of dimension. Copyright interview questions Design by: The ccognos will transforer the following hierarchy: Customers dimension with the source data preview: Define an output PowerCube 1. Avoid changing or switching columns in the source data PowerPlay Transformer uses the following data types to populate dimensions, levels, categories and measures: We will group the data by year in the highest hierarchy level and the most detailed level in the time dimension will be a week.


Usually it is required to perform allocation when part of the data is available only on a higher detail level than other data.

PowerCubes provide secure powfrplay fast data access. Main PowerPlay Transformer features: Different type of Cognos Logs. This measure will be also allocated. To add measures to the model, follow the instructions below: User Classes – define the security. This options allows users for instance to report fiscal years starting from 1 March. We will analyze the following measures from our tutorial business scenario:.