: CNB SC CONTR. KYBD RS, 3-AXIS JOYSTICK, PTZ: Security And Surveillance Products: Camera & Photo. The Model is CNB-SC CNB Keyboard to Control PTZ Cameras & DVRs. The product is featured by Control Keyboard, LCD Display and Joystick (3-Axis). SC Features. – Commanding up to devices (Incl. PTZ Cameras). – LCD Display (20×4 Character, Edit Company Logo). – Multiple Protocol Supported in.

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It sets up the data rate of the DVR. Our aim is deliver the best quality products and services to you within specified time-frame.

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It opens upgrade file. It sets up the protocol of the DVR. Name and Function of each Part 1. It sets up mouse speed. Installation Do not install the product in unstable position or put on unstable location. Please fill out the below form and one of our Security System Expert will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours or the following business day. It may sd3100 failure on the parts.

It indicates number of stop packets to be sent when transmitting joystick and function commands. We agree it’s a rather high standard to achieve in such a competitive marketplace, however we believe this can be accomplished by using a common sense approach; focus on what matters the most, our customers. We’ll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password.


It sets up sensitivity of joystick. When pressing key button, Backlight turns on for 5 seconds. Shopping Cart Checkout View Cart. When selecting this menu and tilting joystick right, a menu as shown on middle right figure is displayed.

Attach the product according to installation method of the manufacture and be sure to use the parts recommended by the manufacturer. Product Configuration and System Diagram 4.

Mouse left button function, WIDE: It indicates protocol of the fnb selected ID. Controller Interface Device Setting Mode In case of using one master and several slaves connected, slaves shall be set to Slave Mode. I’ve forgotten my password. Command Locked Function Key No. Our engineering team knows that communication with everyone from the distributor to the integrator to the end-user is critical in helping us to design dc3100 product that exceeds the expectations.

Related Products Related Products. However, in case of using numeric pad, it is required to enter 3 digits. Our manufacturing teams focuses on making the most reliable and highest quality product available with an absolute zero tolerance policy for product failure and defects.

CNB SC PTZ 3 Axis LCD Display Controller, Online Shopping South Africa | Tiptop Shopping Cart

It indicates when LCD Backlight turns on. Products Product Categories Manufacturers.


Used when moving to Preset Point. We know that becoming the most admired company in the industry requires us to share our vision with our customers.

When mouse function is used, SC can t control the speed dome. Installation Conditions Do not use this product under wet or humid conditions. Not rated yet Write Review 0.

Attachment Do not use attachments not recommended by the equipment manufacturer as they may cause hazards. We offer free home delivery for many of our products. From our wide range of collections, you can buy just about anything online. Use fixture sold with the product or recommended zc3100 the manufacturer. It indicates transmission status of upgrade.

Installation and User s Manual Ver 1.2 SC3100 KEYBOARD

It indicates the currently selected device. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Ask A Question Printable Version. Main Menu of Controller System Setting It sets up the camera ID to be connected to the monitor. Registering a new account is quick and easy