Clinacanthus nutans Lindau is known as snake grass belonging to the Acanthaceae family. This plant has diverse and potential medicinal uses. PDF | Clinacanthus nutans is widely known in traditional medicine in Malaysia and Thailand due to its medicinal properties in treating skin rashes, insect and. Family Name: Acanthaceae. Synonyms: Clinacanthus burmanni. Common Names: Sabah Snake Grass. Chinese Name: 优顿草.

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Please review our privacy policy. Reactive oxygen species in cancer stem cells. Its flowers are red and panicle-shaped, with tube-shaped elongated petals 3. Activation of antioxidant pathways in ras-mediated oncogenic transformation of human surface ovarian epithelial cells revealed by functional proteomics and mass spectrometry.

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine. Therefore, scavenging RONS with antioxidant supplement could salvage cells from oxidative stress and prevent cancer growth and expansion. Soothing balm 22g Clinacanthus Nutans Balm 22g Ref.: In vitro antiviral activity of Clinacanthus nutans on Varicella-Zoster virus.

Phyto-constituents identified in the chloroform extract of the leaves of C. Support Center Support Center. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Thereby, Clinacanthus Nutans is one of these plants, widely used in traditional thai medicine to ease skin irritations like insects or snakes bites, scorch or sting.

International Journal of Dermatology.

Thai traditional medicine has an approach based on energy flow across the whole body. Ezhilan BP, Neelamegam R. Clinacanthus nutans Scientific classification Kingdom: An essential must-have to block most daily inconveniences! The antioxidant activity of the C.

Methanol extract of C.

Whole plant of Clinacanthus nutans Burm. Clinacanthus nutans CN leaves have previously been known to have anti-inflammatory [ 28 ] and antiviral properties [ 2930 ]. A synthetic curcuminoid derivative inhibits nitric nitans and proinflammatory cytokine synthesis. This Acanthaceae article is a stub. Antiproliferative Effect of C.


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The botanical identify of C. Although constituents in CNC failed to suppress the proliferation of IMR32 cancer cells, the inhibitory benefits could still be observed using extracts in methanol and in water. Determination of Antioxidant Properties 2. Tumbuhan Obat clinacnathus Khasiatnya 2 ed.

Scavenger of NO will eventually reduce the production of nitrite ion in solution which can be determined by the use of Griess reagent. Thus, scavenging the free radicals with antioxidant may prove an alternate strategy to protect normal healthy clinaacnthus from DNA damage and limit the progression of cancer cells.

Clinacanthus Nutans Balm 22g

This may attribute to the solubility of the extracts in different testing system and the stereoselectivity of the radicals may also contribute to different antioxidant activity of the extract [ 32 ]. Uncontrolled RONS production overwhelming the endogenous antioxidant capacity will result in detrimental damage to cellular protein, lipid, and DNA, leading to genomic instability, and ultimately promotes cancer formation [ 5 — 7 ]. Therefore, the clincanthus of multitargeted therapy is introduced to exploit the use of single regimen to exert complex synergistic and antagonistic effects to act on multiple pathophysiological pathways in order to achieve optimal therapeutic outcome.

Reactive oxygen species in tumor progression. Fourteen chemical constituents were identified, and the major chemical constituent was 1, 2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, mono 2-ethylhexyl ester with relative peak area clinacantus Sodium nitroprusside SNP spontaneously generated nitric oxide NO by interacting with oxygen in aqueous solution at physiological pH pH 7.

However, further investigation study to understand the underlying mechanism clincanthus in vivo testing of the observed antitumor activity are needed to unveil its potential use in cancer therapy. The anti-inflammatory effects and the inhibition of neutrophil responsiveness by Barleria lupulina and Clinacanthus nuatns extracts.


We observed that CN contained antioxidant elements and was capable of negating free radicals, after tested on diphenylpicrylhydrazyl DPPHgalvinoxyl radical, nitric oxide, and hydrogen peroxide scavenging assays, nurans with different CN extracts. Damage to DNA by reactive oxygen, chlorine and nitrogen species: Recent report from Pannangpetch et al. With advances in cancer research, many molecular targeted drugs have been introduced and showed promising outcome with little side effects.

Our data showed that CN in chloroform extract was a good antioxidant against DPPH and galvinoxyl radicals, but less effective in negating nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide radicals.

However the use has also been limited by genomic instability and drug resistance characteristics in certain cancer cells. Hence, the main objective in this study was to examine the antioxidant and cytotoxicity effects of C.

This product is not a medicine. In South-East Asia, the use of balm is still very usual on a daily basis. GC-MS analysis presented the volatile components of CNC, showing 14 phytochemicals at various concentrations, of which 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, mono 2-ethylhexyl ester being the most abundant in vlinacanthus extract, a common plasticizer which was found to possess antimicrobial activity [ 33 ].

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. Journal of Immunological Methods.