For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, ” Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal. Chuck Missler provides readers with the. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours: Small Group Pack. Dr. Chuck Missler. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours Small Group Pack, DVD Plus 6 Workbooks – Designed. Stream Learn The Bible in 24 Hours | Chuck Missler, a playlist by AgapeAudio from desktop or your mobile device.

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For instance, he argues in favour of a seven day creation chukc I he is entitled to do but then finishes off his argument by saying that Jesus said that the world was created in seven days, and thus if we do not believe in a seven day creation then we are denying Christ.

The thing is that God has shown us a way where we can live in harmony with God, nature, and our follow humans. In fact there is only one person who actually provides some criticism of Missler’s methodology, and even then she simply says that there are a few times where he makes statements without any supporting evidence though I’d say that he does it a lot more than a few.

Charles Missler and Dr. Jun 04, Kalyn Barrick rated it it was amazing. I understand there are other heavens misslef why refer to them as us living inside a virtual reality computer generated matrix, nonsense.

I belong to a Bible study group all women who have not only been using this book but also draw from various other resource material. However what sin does is that it makes us want to put ourselves front and centre. So, the question that I raise is, if angels are sexless how is it that they can have sex with humans maybe they gave themselves the respective equipment?

To me this sounded like a demand that suggested that the Angels really didn’t have an option. Feb 14, Helen rated it really liked it Shelves: How do demons differ from angels, and what are their limitations and agenda? For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal. The problem that I find with his scientific explanations is that he seems to force the science to fit the Bible and if it doesn’t then he outright rejects it as heresy.


Give as a gift. This is really an interesting book. But for most of us, this simply isn’t practical or possible. For those who have tried and failed to follow through on a plan to study the entire Bible, Chuck has the answer.

Jun 17, Marianne West rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nissler see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It reads like a novel for the most part, although at the end, I found it more confusing.

Whether you want to explore some of the less-discussed nuances of scripture or you need a comprehensive refresher course on the Bible’s themes and stories, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours is a great guide. I don’t believe that we are supposed to take every part of the Bible literally, and when it comes to science there is actually a lot that we do not understand.

How Sure Can We Be? However I found myself believing in a literal seven day creation and a literal interpretation of Revelation, which didn’t do any good for my relationships with non-Christians. It’ll challenge your perspectives in countless ways, for the best! It is the single most recommended book I have read in any genre.

Just some of the feedback includes:. The problem with forcing science to fit a literal interpretation of the Bible creates a science that is based upon supposition and faulty mathematical logic.

Could not be more impressed with this book. I am a born again Christian. The thing is that by living selfish and self-centred lives we are very much capable of bringing judgement upon ourselves through our own actions, and when society all goes off to do what they see is right in their misslef eyes then disaster will follow — chick look at the book of Judges. The Book of John: I doubt the angels were in any real position to say ‘thank’s for the offer, I’m really flattered, but I think I’ll pass’.


Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

Chuck Missler provides readers with the strategic grasp of the “big picture” of Scripture that enables them to ably navigate specific passages. No other prophet matches his majestic eloquence on the glory of God and the redemptive work and sufferings of the coming Messiah, all the while making us clearly aware of God’s abounding Grace.

Every morning when I open my Bible app I get the same loaded question: This a basically a summery of every book of the Bible and makes a great companion to the Bible.

Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started.

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (Audiobook) by Chuck Missler |

Great insight Chuck Missler explains old testament in great detail, very helpful for those with some knowledge of scripture already but maybe a bit difficult for people who haven’t read the scriptures before.

You see, Missler doesn’t just dump on non-Christians, he dumps on Christians as well. Hidden treasure The bible is full of hidden treasures right enough.

Using sound scientific facts, historical analysis, and biblical narrative, acclaimed teacher Dr. This is why God destroyed the world by a flood, and also why the Israelites were instructed to commit genocide against the Cananites. This is a treasure of a book. Using sound scientific facts, historical analysis, and Biblical narrative, acclaimed teacher Dr.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours

The Rise and Fall of the Monarchy. This letter is one of the two greatest theological treatises of the New Testament. Chuck Missler Narrated by: The Calvinist and Arminian viewpoints will be explored. A Panorama of History.

What is Hell, Hades and Gehenna? Always wary of Christians who are deeply into prophecy and the end times but I couldn’t fault this and had quite a few eye-openers. The book is informative, exciting,and completely exalts our Savior.