Chovot Halevavot was written by Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda Not much is known about Ibn Paquda other than that he was a well-regarded. Bachya ben Yosef ibn Paquda (Chovot Halevavot): eleventh century sage and writer on Jewish thought (); his most acclaimed work is Chovat. My intention in this article is to neither promote nor denigrate Sufism. It is simply to share the fascinating story behind a book, Chovot haLevavot.

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Chovot Halevavot: Duties of the Heart |

In his view, both paths are abnormal and injurious: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? As the members of the Talmud Torah were lead to their deaths they sang with joy the songs that they used to sing on Simchat Torah. When the Jews are united they don’t need to fear Amalek.

The world is beautifully arranged and furnished like a great house, of which the sky forms the ceiling, the earth the floor, the stars the lamps, and man is the proprietor, to whom the three kingdoms—the animal, the vegetable, and the mineral—are submitted for use, each of these being composed of the four elements.

That is whyaccording to the Gemarah, Hallel is not said on Purim. I hope this summary does justice to a very important essay. The Netziv writes that Yehoshfat was fortunate in that Hashem brought an immediate end to his venture Ahab’s son.

On Purim we don’t give charity, because charity is what we give to strangers in need. Here it is absolutely forbidden for us to cooperate with non-observant Jews since the religious habits of non-observant Jews are totally incompatible with the Halacha and are destructive.

He gives the analogy of a wealthy guest arriving at his host on horseback. People lose their enthusiasm for the Torah. Besides the Hebrew translations mentioned above, Chovot HaLevavot has been translated into several languages. And just because the wisest of men learn in the end to know only their inability to name God adequately, the appellation “God of the Fathers” will strike with peculiar force all people alike.


The only mitzvah which constantly accompanies us is the mitzvah to study the Torah. Chovog the other hand, no creature is so dependent upon helpful love and mercy as man from the cradle to the grave.

When his wife Michal told him that his behavior was undignified he replied that he is happy to behave this way before Hashem.

** Chovos HaLevavos – Duties of the Heart **

Specifically hatred towards those who love Hashem and love for hcovot who hate Him prevent a person from loving Hashem. A tzaddik is a person who leads by example. The Gate of Repentance 8. Chovott the Shabbat before Purim there is a mitzvah to read Parashat Zachor which contains the commandments to remember what Amalek did to us in the desert and on Purim itself we read the story about the battle that we fought with Amalek after leaving Egypt.

In one respect it helped the struggling Orthodox community to maintain its way of life when assimilationist tendencies were threatening to lead to the demise of Halachic Judaism in the United States.

We compared Rabbeinu Bachya emphasis on the process towards the love of God with the Rambam’s. Rabbeinu Bachya, following the Gemara in Brachot 61b, explains that the Torah specifies that we halevaovt to ualevavot Hashem with all halevsvot soul, all our body [1] and all our wealth because various chhovot place differing values on these faculties and are more willing to share with their beloved one of these attributes but not another. Thanks to everyone who participated in the shiur.

Please write to me with your suggestions. Similarly, Torah study, which is accomplished through the agency of the eyes and ears, was also left out for the same reason. We are not expected to be “holy hermits. Follow us on Twitter Follow JewishTweets. As Rabbeinu Bachya says, this ability to face death with joy is extraordinary and can only be the result of a lifetime’s work of growing ever closer to Hashem.


On Purim we need to feel love for every Jew and when we help our loved ones that isn’t charity. As Rabein Bachya records in his introduction, there was a need to infuse Judaism with more than just observances or haelvavot he called Chovot haEivarim Duties of the Body.

Hashem accepted this challenge of the enemy. On holidays we recite the Hallel prayer. He was renowed primarily as head of the yeshivah of Volozhin in Russia, the “mother of modern yeshivot.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It is unlikely that the early Chassidim studied Sufi writings but they did study Chovot haLevavot which also included an anonymous version of this particular hadith.

Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower halwvavot The Megillah emphasizes that all the ministers in the Persian court bowed down to Hamman. The Midrash says that when Esther approached Achashveirosh’s throne-room she felt that the cause of the Jews was lost and recited the words from Tehilim: The exception halveavot this state of affairs was the relationship between Yehoshafat and the family of Ahab.

We read a story about the martyrdom of the members of the Talmud Torah of Kelm which I think demonstrates the truth of Rabbeinu Bachya’s idea about martyrdom. To reflect on the greatness and goodness of God, as manifested throughout creation, is consequently the highest duty of man; and to this is devoted the second section of the book, entitled “Sha’ar ha-Behinah” Gate of Reflection.

A tzaddik and we all need to be tzaddikim lives a life which teaches his or her neighbors how to serve God.