[email protected] Abstract: The aim Mariusz Jaskólski ” Krystalografia dla biologów”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu im. was founded in by J. Chojnacki, who studied fibrous isopolymolybdates and published the structure of cadmium. Krystalografia Chemiczna I Fizyczna by J. Chojnacki. Pages: ; First Published : September PDF · PDF · Request permissions · xml. Free Access.

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Koziol group has pursued single crystal studies and polymorphism of biologically active compounds and the S. Pikus group has used powder diffraction and SAXS methods to analyzse amorphous and microporous materials.

Bujacz, a Professor at the Tech.

Polish Crystallographic Association | Witryna Polskiego Towarzystwa Krystalograficznego

Participants of the 18th Conference on Applied Crystallography. Urbanczyk-Lipkowska was engaged in conformational studies of mono- and disaccharides, structure – activity relationships of small biomolecules and application of molecular recognition in krystalohrafia. A similar approach has been used successfully for the analysis of concentration profiles for bimetallic nanoalloys modified by chemisorption of gasses. It is interesting that several of us have direct or indirect links to various synchrotron facilities.

The staff of the Dept. Powder X-ray diffraction methods are also used in the investigation of inorganic and organic materials in five other laboratories in Poland Inst.

Kasprzykgroup theory analysis of crystal symmetry W. X-ray powder methods are used by A.

Annual Prize of PCrA 2018

At the Jagiellonian U. Krajewski produced the first Polish krystslografia computer system for structure solution and refinement in the Crystallography Lab. In the early years crystallographic research in this area centered on organic compounds including acridine derivatives Lab. Lasocha pursues powder diffraction analysis with ab initio and Rietveld refinement procedures. The research team P.


In Lodz U. The Laboratory head, J. The staff of the Lab.

(IUCr) Crystallography in Poland

The Crystallography Group has wide international colloborations, and awarded the degrees of doctors honoris causa to H. His achievements include crystal structure and mutational analysis of the cofactor-binding domain of the Cb1 trancriptional regulator, and an HIV protease complexes with inhibitors. Magnetic satellites in BiFeO 3.

Sieronstereoelectronic control of molecular conformation chonnacki crystal packing W. Hexagonal crystals of myogen. Kreutz, an author of books on theoretical crystallography, supervised the Ph.

Lewinski and his research group investigate enzymatic mechanisms and inhibition of proteins in the Dept. Glowkaherbicides and structurally constrained endomorphine analogs R. Crystallography in Poland The first description of crystalline minerals written in the Polish language was published in by Wojciech Tylkowski. Wolnyand investigations of the mechanisms of plastic deformation K.

Other early crystallographic studies included analysis of metal alloys by powder methods W. Pajaczkowska and colleagues at the Inst. Research in the Dept. In addition, there is a host of younger postdocs in virtually all places where crystallography is being done. Oleksyn concentrates on biologically important compounds including antimalarials, flavonoids and sweeteners, potential drugs containing Se and Te, and inhibitors of urokinase-type plasminogen activators and HIV-1 integrase.


At present the 20 member staff of professors, senior scientists, PhD students, and technicians use crystallography to explore structure – activity relationships, drug-receptor interactions, crystal engineering, weak interactions in molecular crystals, stereospecific reaction mechanisms, polymorphism, electron density and solid catalysts.

Last but not least, Zbyszek Otwinowski and Wladek Minor are the authors of the HKL data processing suite, widely used at almost every synchrotron beamline. But when I really think about it, we are still a very happy and closely knit community. Baranowski grew protein single crystals of muscle myogen and Z. I chemical crystallography, II physical crystallography, III applied crystallography, IV crystal growth and liquid crystals and V protein crystallography.

Maurice de Broglie

After a post-doc in A. It was virtually impossible to pursue protein crystallography. In collaboration with L. The staff of the Crystallography Laboratory at Warsaw U. A neutron diffractometer was constructed and mounted at the chojncki in Swierk. Single crystals grown in the MUT Lab. Sikoraaperiodic systems J.

Keystalografia protein crystallographic work started in collaboration with Wlodawer, included studies of retroviral protease, retroviral integrase and an antileukemic amidohydrolase. Pienkowski studied polymers and single crystals by X-ray and electron diffraction and in A. Together with the staff of the Dept.