THE word salvation is used in the Bible to indicate a work of God in behalf of man . In the present dispensation its use is limited to His work for individuals. This little work by my good friend, Mr. Chafer, is in the true “Apostolic Succession, ” for it depicts in clear and Scriptural language the Gospel of Divine salvation. Dr. Chafer’s comments on the subject, “The Terms of Salvation,” are taken from Volume 3 of his voluminous Systematic Theology, Chapter 20, pages

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Information for Donors My Donor Account. Human merit must be excluded.

No one can define them. The publican who went up to the temple to pray, according to Lk. The passage is addressed to Hebrews and the first part of the chapter concerns their duty of passing from the elements of Jewish faith to Christ, and the warning is of their particular danger of substituting half truths for the full salvattion in Christ.

Whatever else took place, no man took His life from Him. If man can dispose of the dark picture which describes the estate of the lost, he has, by that process, surrendered all claim to authority and all ground of assurance in those Scriptures which describe the estate of the saved.

Lewis Sperry Chafer on the Terms of Salvation

Salvation was to reveal and satisfy His love for us. Every moment of the earth life of Jesus was a manifestation of God’s love, but one event in the ministry of Jesus is especially designated as the means by which the bosom of God was unveiled.

Anything which adequately represents the infinite love of God will hardly be compressed into the limitations of man’s wisdom.

It is rather indicated that God the Father was acting in that death. Praying is not believing on the Lord Jesus Christ; though the new attitude of belief may be expressed in prayer. God is most evidently concerned with the quality of the daily life of His child; but such an issue cannot be raised here.

Let such an one face his own utter sinfulness and meritlessness with the revelations of the cross and discover, as he must, no hope in himself, and then and there, once for all, appropriate the provisions of divine grace for every need of a sin-cursed soul.

Satan’s ministers are said to be the ministers of righteousness 2Cr When thus unshackled and untrammeled in His love, He, through His own lavishings of love and grace, places the sinner in the eternal glory finally perfected into the very image of His Son.


Chapter One: The Word Salvation by Lewis Sperry Chafer

No thoughtful person would attempt to defend such a notion against such odds, and those who have thus undertaken doubtless have done so without weighing the evidence or considering the untenable position which they assume.

We are the objects of His bounty and care. The written things are His exceeding great and precious salbation but these promises can be of no avail to the heart that will not believe Him, or take Him at His word. Password Must be at least 6 characters.

The misinterpretation will usually be easily discovered by a careful examination of the whole context. There is danger, as well, that by forcing the issues of future conduct into the question the main issue of receiving Christ as Saviour may be submerged in some difficulty related to the proposed standards of living.

Jude writes of salvatipn false teachers as “they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. Thus salvation can be accomplished, even by the infinite God, only through Jesus Christ. How unsearchable salvatio his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

Multitudes have been driven into unrealities or into hopeless doubt szlvation they have thus groped in darkness.

Men are judged only by the outward: This passage has to do with loss of fellowship not salvation through aslvation. It is faith in the Saviour Who gave His precious blood a ransom for all. By this regeneration legitimate children of God are formed who are by all right and title the true sons of God, and if sons, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ.

In the passage in John the word presents the idea of announcement cf. It is asserted that repentance, which is a change of mind, enters of necessity into the very act of believing on Christ, since one cannot turn to Christ from other objects chafeer confidence without that change of mind.

What is done for man is done graciously. This is clear from the following passages: Since this question strikes at the very heart of the revelation regarding the cross, its importance cannot be overestimated. Foreknown, “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son” Rom.

It is the chaffr adjustment to the limitation and actual condition of those to whom the gospel is addressed. God has, for His own sake, removed every cyafer hindrance which His infinite holiness might see in sinful man, and so it is cchafer possible for Him to exercise the last impulse of His love without reservation or limitation.

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Lewis Sperry Chafer :: Chapter Five: The One Condition of Salvation

He was the mediator between His own righteous Being and the meritless, helpless sinner. A man of faith is one who thus adapts himself to the revelation of God; one who is instructed by and acts on the unfolding of facts revealed by God which would otherwise be unknown through human understanding. Such prayers may be enjoined through ignorance, but the wrong is immeasurable.

Such speculations are but shadows of the divine revelation and their promulgation is, like any counterfeit, a misleading substitute for the real Gospel of saving grace. God alone can righteously judge those who have never heard because of the failure of His messengers. Whatever may be the place of sorrow for sin in the restoration of a Christian who has transgressed, it cannot be determined with too much emphasis that for the unsaved—Jew or Gentile—there is no occasion to propitiate [satisfy] God or to provide any form of satisfaction by misery or distress cyafer soul.

Eventually the one cahfer is saved by the power of God may, after that divine work is accomplished, do “good works” for God; for salvation is said to be “unto good works” Eph. It is worthy of note that there are twenty-five passages wherein “believe,” or “faith,” is given as the only condition of Gentile salvation to one passage wherein repentance appears for any reason whatsoever. As the Saviour of sinners, He stepped down from His judgment throne and took into His breast the very doom He had in righteousness imposed.

No aspect of salvation, according to the Bible, is made to depend, even in the slightest degree, on human merit chafeg works.

The term covenant people is broad in its application. Hence, I believe that ” He was lost and was found, which has not the same significance as being lost and saved. Allen rated it really liked it May 22, It is hoped, as well, that many who have believed may find some new consolation and upbuilding in Christ even through this brief unfolding of the saving grace of God.

In such a case “abide not in me” could chafrr mean more than a pretense, or false profession which “men” disallow as they would gather and burn dead branches.