Celotex have discontinued the GA insulation board. Here we explain which product to choose instead and why these changes have come. Buy 50mm Celotex PIR GA, a high performance multi purpose rigid Insulation board used as floor, roof and wall insulation that achieves an A+ rating, least. Buy 80mm Celotex GA, a multipurpose PIR insulation board that achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide.

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Please note that we cannot accept returns on special orders. Flat roofs – in ventilated cold roof constructions, installed from inside the building. The void created by a pitched roof can be made habitable by insulating along the plane of the roof pitch with Celotex rigid PIR insulation boards.

Need to discusss your enquiry further? In November last year, Celotex announced celoex there had been some compliance issues in relation to the lambda value of their, Crown Bond and Crowd Fix ranges.

You can either buy the TB directly from the product page or if you order the TB then the product may be swapped for the TB board instead.

It can be used for a number of applications including roof, wall and floor insulation. A survey of the wall may be required to establish the extent of any packing that may be required to ensure the support battens provide a uniform plane for the boards to be fixed.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If you are unsure on whether or not your item is a special order, please contact us on prior to placing the order. celtex

Click Add to Cart Button. Restocking charges may apply. Returns and Refunds In the unlikely event that you need to return an item, please contact our team va4000 within 14 days of accepting delivery of the item.


Insulation between and under rafters The void created by a pitched roof can be made habitable by insulating along the plane of the roof pitch with Celotex rigid PIR insulation boards.

Delivery will be as far as possible to the kerbside of the delivery address. Although there is a product page still live celotx GA, this is just to give Insulation Express customers the best possible route to the product they need, so that if they are unaware of the changes they can still find an appropriate product.

Changes to Celotex GA Products. When ordering on line you can specify the date of delivery, however we would g4a000 be able to specify the time of delivery on that day. These general purpose boards are commonly used in conjunction with appropriate internal lining boards, such as standard plasterboard and thermal laminate wall-boards, as an insulating dry lining system to improve the thermal insulation of existing and new, solid or cwlotex masonry walls, or timber-frame walls.

Celotex GA Insulation Board for Floors, Walls and Roofs

However we will be happy to deliver to a freight forwarding company on your behalf. This reduces the risk of interstitial condensation between the insulation layers. Ga400 also prevents screed migration between the board joints, thus avoiding cold bridges. Celotex GA ga400, 1. The off-site pre-fabrication of framed panels allows rapid, accurate construction on site. Required ancillary materials include large-headed nails, screws, washers, aluminium joint tape and sealant. The installation of insulated dry lining systems requires careful detailing around doors and windows to achieve a satisfactory surface for finishing.

Use our online and mobile U-value calculators to help you find the most efficient solution for each type of construction.

This means that all GA boards purchased on Insulation Express will be swapped for the GA product or customers can purchase the GA when looking for the appropriate alternative to GA The BBA allowed them to continue to sell all products at the initial value while further tests were undertaken. If sarking felt is being used, a minimum 50 mm ventilated air space must be provided between the felt and the cold side of the insulation in order to minimise the risk of condensation formation.


50mm Celotex GA PIR Insulation Board | Multi Purpose Insulation

This is known as ventilated construction. This is known as ‘warm frame’ construction. Offers high performance insulation with low emissivity foil facings offering enhanced thermal performance within cavity air spaces. Pitched roofs – between and across the face of rafters.

Celotex GA4000

The walls of new buildings should be designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice, e. Continued tests have shown the old value to be incorrect. If this two-layer solution is chosen, it is important that the thermal resistance of the inner layer between the raftersis less than that of the outer layer over the rafters. Restocking charges will be applied where the products are no longer required AND NOT for goods returned because either defective or damaged.

Celotex GA 60mm, 1. Is suitable for use in a number of applications including roof, wall and floor systems Comes in thicknesses ranging from 50mmmm Is easy to cut and shape Includes low emissivity foil facings giving improved thermal insulation performance within cavity air spaces Provides reliable long-term energy savings for buildings Is available in a standard board size of mm x mm Applications: This creates a warm, potentially habitable roof space in which water pipes and tanks no longer need to be insulated.

Other retrofit and refurbishment projects – lining existing timber and masonry structures to make them more thermally efficient. Clotex, the use of steel framed walls has been found mostly in the construction of commercial buildings. Need a different size? The entire thickness range offers a low thermal conductivity lambda value of 0.