Cataphora and anaphora are the two main types of endophora–that is, reference to an item within the text itself. Anaphora cataphora, endophora. Cohesive ties – typology. Reading: Dušková, L. Studies in the English Language. Part 2. Praha: Karolinum, Chapter Anaphora and Cataphora. LG. Loreto Garrido. Updated 10 November Transcript. This is what Fabian said. That all men were created equally.

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Corpus-based and computational approaches to discourse anaphora. Exophors cannot be anaphors as they do not substantially refer within the dialog or text, though there is a question of what portions of a conversation or anaphorw are accessed by a listener or reader with regard to whether all references to which a term points within that language stream are noticed i.

Journal of Semantics, 20, 73— Deictic proforms are stereotypical exophors, e. Anaphora is an important concept for different reasons and on different levels: So, for example, the pronouns in the following sentences are anaphors: After squaring both sides, we arrive at the following: Retrieved from ” https: Figures of speech Pragmatics Semantics.

Cataphora – Wikipedia

More anqphora, however, any fairly general noun phrase can be considered an anaphor when it co-refers with a more specific noun phrase i. If you want themthere are cookies in the kitchen. In its narrower definition, an anaphoric pronoun must refer to some noun phrase that has already been introduced into the discourse. The examples of cataphora described so far are strict cataphora, because the anaphor is an actual pronoun.


Until further revealed by additional contextual words, gestures, images or other mediaa listener may not even know what monarchy or historical period is being discussed, and even after hearing her name is Elizabeth does not know, even if an English-UK Queen Elizabeth becomes indicated, if this queen means Queen Elizabeth I or Queen Elizabeth II and must await further clues in additional communications.

In the following example a, the anaphoric pronoun they refers to the children who are eating the ice-cream. Retrieved 28 July What mechanism could cause this?

In this narrow sense, anaphora stands in contrast to cataphorawhich sees the act of referring forward in a dialog or text, or pointing to the right in languages that are written from left to right: Finding the right gadget was a real hassle.

Mental models and the interpretation of anaphora. Retrieved 19 May He ‘s my boyfriend Nick.

Anaphora (linguistics)

Die Aufgabe ist einfach zu schwer. Anaphors and cataphors appear in bold, and their antecedents and postcedents are underlined:. Quantification et anaphore discursive: So the first thing to notice here is that the pronoun comes first. Corpus linguistics at work.


anzphora It may help to remember these terms using etymology: Views Read Edit View history. This is the reverse of the more normal pattern, “strict” anaphora, where a referring expression such as John or the soldier appears before any pronouns that reference it. He ‘s so cruel. Cataphora across sentences is often used for rhetorical effect. Notes pestilentialone liked this.

Binding linguistics and Government and binding theory. John studied really hard for his test.

Views Read Edit View history. Broadly speaking, an anaphor is a word that refers back to a previous word.

Taking the computational theory of mind view of language, centering theory fataphora a computational analysis of underlying antecedents.

So check this out: Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics. A further distinction is drawn between endophoric and exophoric reference.