: Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World (): Catalina De Erauso, Michele Stepto, Gabri Stepto: Books. : Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World (Audible Audio Edition): Catalina de Erauso, Michele Stepto – translator. Named a New York Times Book Review Notable Book of One of the earliest known autobiographies by a woman, this is the extraordinary tale of Catalina.

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His old master managed to get him released, but he had to move on once more. The church officials planned to have her enter a convent, but Catalina was no more willing to do this than she had been as a teenager. Raised and educated in a convent, de Erauso refused to conform to the strict nature of the environment and, disguising… More about Catalina De Erauso.

For nearly years, Catalina Erauso’s story has remained alive through historical studies, biographical stories, novels, movies and comics. She was hardly the nicest of people — by his own admission she was a murderer and a wastrel.

I cut off my hair and threw it away. Catalina wrote or dictated an autobiography which was first published in Paris in at the request of Joaquin Maria Ferrer, a second time in Barcelona in and lieutsnant the third time in Paris, with illustrations by Spanish artist Daniel Vierge.

Of course in the deeply conservative Spanish society of the time, such a thing was unthinkable. Other scholars, such as Matthew Goldmark, also argue for Erauso’s sexual orientation and identity. After being released, she killed her brother Don Miguel de Erausco in another duel and was again imprisoned eight months.

This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat He gave his last confession to a local priest, telling the entire story of his life from San Sebastien to Cuczo. For a Spanish edition, available through the Biblioteca virtual de Miguel Cervantesclick here. Catalina was his servant for two years, always well treated and well dressed. The details of her life, however, are much harder to pin down.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is during this same period that she is said to have written or dictated accounts vary her memoir. And there are questions about the authenticity of the memoir, which wasn’t published until the nineteenth century.

Her father asked for information to find her, describing her physical appearance and the way she escaped from the convent.

Looking for More Great Reads? In Chile she was welcomed by the secretary of the governor, who was her brother, Don Miguel de Erauso, but did not recognize her. If you want to know more about our chocolate chips, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Lieutenant Nun

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. In Conception she assassinated the chief auditor of the city, for which she was locked in pieutenant church for six months. By Ciaran Conliffe Last updated Oct 7, Things were getting a touch hot for Catalina by now. This frustration led to a period devoted to vandalizing, killing as many people as she lieutenatn on the road, causing extensive damage and burning entire crops.

Catalina de Erauso, the Lieutenant Nun – HeadStuff

In —, she petitioned the Spanish Crown for financial reward for her services as a soldier in the New World. Retrieved from ” https: Apparently her lieuteannt was not feminine, which helped her with her deception.

Retrieved 9 May Catalina made her way back to Spain, where lieutenwnt was the subject of a great deal of public interest. Please enter an answer in digits: Rather than face a court martial, he took sanctuary in a church attached to a Franciscan monastery.


To escape, she pretended to confess and, after seizing a consecrated host fled to Cuzco [10] and returned to Peru. At last Erauso decides to travel to the Americas, where, as a man, he lives a riotous life, the autobiography recounting all kinds of madcap adventures, fights and brawls, and sexual misadventures. Catalina spent a month in the church, but eventually the governor stopped guarding it and he escaped into the wilds.

Or an adventure story?

Catalina de Erauso

The duel took place in a dark alley, and when it began Catalina got into a fight with the second of the other participant. That is, that the first-person singular narrative Vida y sucesos is a unique example of an early-modern autobiographical text which clearly displays the characteristics of the genre more evidently than other texts that traditionally have been used to define an autobiography.

Around the yearwhen she was 4 years old, she entered the Dominican convent of her hometown San Sebastianwith her sisters Isabel and Maria. Stay in Touch Sign up. There was always a demand for soldiers lieutennt Chile, as the Mapuche there were one of the few native peoples who had managed to resist Spanish conquest. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Retrieved 16 March This time she was sentenced to death, but was saved at the last minute by the deposition of another prisoner sentenced to death. However the only witness against him was himself captured and sentenced to death for a different crime, and decided to clear Catalina before he was executed. Newer Post Older Post Home.