An official of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) yesterday assured the public that the Camanava flood control project. Effectiveness of CAMANAVA Flood Control Project: A Case Study of Selected Flood Control Structures during Typhoon Gener and Monsoon Rains in August. The CAMANAVA flood control project may be completed before the year is over.

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CAMANAVA flood control project, ‘di naging epektibo laban sa baha | Video | GMA News Online

Any flood control plan is only as good as the quality of the topographic data used in the modeling and planning. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Design recalculation should incorporate floos subsidence caused by pressures from population growth, water usage, and urban planning.

The proposed large dam flood control program is not designed properly because the flood model it is using is obviously substandard. The new models should recognize increased severity and frequency of hydrometeorological activity resulting from climate change, such as greater maximum high tides, rising sea levels, and increased magnitude and frequency of precipitation.

Journal of International Development and Cooperation. Malabon City, a municipality in north-western Metro Manila near Manila Bay, suffers frequent flooding which has led to its reputation as the “Local Venice” of the Philippines.

See Figures 1 and 2. This is probably the reason why Mr. In contrast, Project Noah is barely 3 years old and has already made enormous impact on disaster prediction, with its results verified with actual data. Second, the designs failed to consider other factors such as land subsidence in its conceptual planning.

In view of this, we would like to request a copy of Project Noah data on flood risks. Despite the best intentions, Neda does not have the wherewithal to do thorough technical vetting, especially for large-ticket projects.

While some components of the project have yet to be finished, Malabon, Navotas and Caloocan continue to suffer from severe flooding as old structures also constructed by the Department of Public Works and Highways started to give way.

View your profile page here OR Click close to continue. If these concerns are not addressed in a transparent and scientific manner, one must question the motives for pushing through a project that is lacking in scientific preparation.


Any flood control program looking only at Laguna de Bay will be myopic and will be very difficult to implement.

Please try again later. Flood control plans that will involve large dams in the Montalban watershed should also consider the existence of active faults in the area and the very large watershed areas that will be flooded to accommodate the dam water.

Have these been vetted? WHAT is immediately obvious is that the flooding scenario is not as simple as the previous figures show. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Eighteen natural and artificial waterways segment Malabon and crest during high tide and heavy precipitation. HiR is Open Archives Compliant. We should end this rapacious cycle of creating substandard projects to be funded by sovereign loans from foreign banks that bring their own consultants who will not be looking out for genuine Philippine interests.

Select gender Male Female. To evaluate the effectiveness, the research team consulted floor initial project design and hydrological and geotechnical studies to ascertain expected flood mitigation results, and evaluated them against site visit observations conducted in early August before and after torrential rainfall. Copyright C Hiroshima University Library.

TIMELINE: The Camanava flood control project

The original timeline of the project was 84 months or 7 years. Inhowever, the polder dike had to be raised by another meter Its height is The testimony was considered crucial by both the Philippine and American lawyers for the Philippine position.

Democratic senator Warren takes major step towards White House bid U. President Aquino was justified in canceling the Pbillion Laguna de Bay dredging contract which, not only was technically flawed, but also would not have served to control flooding in the metropolis.

Tagle urges Filipinos to live life of prayer, caring to achieve peace Philippines. Sharapova campaign off to tough start in Shenzhen Other Projject. Fireworks illuminate the skies despite the rain January 01, They should help vet these projects and help stop this great corrupt leakage of funds that could have been used otherwise to build more classrooms, and other really needed and worthy infrastructure.

Toggle navigation Hiroshima University Institutional Repository. It does not take a rocket scientist proect figure out that the Noah projections are much more accurate. Street flooding in the metropolis after short but intense rainfall can cause havoc in terms of flooding, traffic and disrupted lives.


Masumur Tenorio, Arnel L.

PB flood control project flawed | Inquirer Opinion

He can be reached at caloy. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.

These capture tunnels might be more feasible than a proposed solution of making a channel from the Marikina Valley directly to the Manila Bay, potentially running over infrastructure and residents. Even if the republic was sued because the contract was already fraudulently signed during the Arroyo administration, this reveals the criminal modus operandi of crafting billion-peso projects, using foreign consultants to justify the padded and substandard designs, and financing the projects with sovereign loans that the Filipino people will be paying in the long term.

We would like to specifically request the shape files of the flood maps for the various return periods as shown in the Project Prooject website.

What is camannava obvious is that the flooding scenario is not as simple as the previous figures show. Can the same be said of the numerous flood control projects designed under Jica? Note that with a more accurate flood model, the interventions can be focused so that only the most threatened areas are addressed.

In the Marikina-Montalban watershed, the possibility of capture tunnels to reduce the discharge of floodwater flowing into Marikina and returning the captured water volume to the Sierra Madre divide for discharge eventually to the Pacific Ocean should be studied carefully. You have successfully updated your account. This research note presents a report of the effectiveness of selected flood control structures in Malabon through field observations of structures in the city’s three most flood prone districts, locally called barangays – Catmon, Tonsuya, and Tanong – during Typhoon Gener and heavy monsoon rains which followed in early August The project was supposed to be completed in Junebut it was extended until September Based on its original deadline, the project was supposed to have been completed by Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation.

The Philippine position was weakened because the lack of vetting was probably intentionally done to promote corruption.