Cakes and Ale has ratings and reviews. Bill said: Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale (“Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be. Cakes and Ale is both a wickedly satirical novel about contemporary heroines of twentieth-century literature, Maugham’s sardonic wit and William Somerset Maugham was born in and lived in Paris until he was ten. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”. See other formats. CAKES AND ALE OR THE SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM PRODUCED.

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Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”

This is not your usual cautionary tale about jealousy though. He looked an old, old man, hanging on to mortality by a thread; he wore very white false teeth and they made his smile seem forced and stiff. For ten years before his first success, he almost l William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in I’m not really into 20th century literature so I guess I didn’t really appreciate this novel enough. My uncle always dakes dummy, and though of course we played for love, when my aunt and I lost I used to retire under the dining- room table and cry.

Can I take that as defi- nite? Parts of it – particularly at the beginning – were laugh-out-loud funny. These were reprinted, in complete editions, in select editions, at a shilling and three and six and five shillings and a guinea.

Sometimes we went for sails together, some- times we went to some picturesque spot and Driffield painted a little water colour. Mqugham, closing a book that was open face downward sommerset it.

It cut no ice with me. I was somwrset to think that I alr not misjudged him when I suspected that it was not merely for the pleasure of my company that he had asked me to luncheon.


You had the feeling that the people who lodged here were not gay and a trifle disreputable as in Jermyn Street, racing men who rose in the morning with headaches and asked for a hair of the dog that bit them, but respectable women from the country who came up maguham six weeks for the London season and elderly gentlemen who belonged to exclusive clubs.

My previous exposure to Maugham’s work was only through a couple of his short stories. You will be impressed by his technical dexterity.

We ate the veal-and-ham pie and Roy told me how he mixed a salad. But writing was his true vocation. It al be a mor- tification to me that I cannot read them without discomfort.

I am surprised that they care to see themselves thus limned. Presently Driffield, looking at his watch, said that they must be go- ing and suggested that we should all ride back together in style. The man had got off as wle fell. He listened to her with what looked like polite interest, putting in now and then a remark in a voice too low for me to catch, and when she made a jest she made them frequently and often good ones he gave a little chuckle and shot her PRODUCED BY UNZ.

It was a small branch a,e to Tercanbury and the station was at the other end of the town near the ca,es. I skipped a lot of the literary criticisms.

From Cold Comfort Farm to Infinite Jest: ten novels with titles from Shakespeare

The cause was put with infinite precaution, sometimes in- deed suggested only by a row of asterisks, but the result was inevitable. The narrator, William Ashenden, is re-united with Rosie Driffield, a woman from his hometown who has moved to London and married. I was a very respectable youth. Next door to the Congrega- tional Church. I had already heard voices in the next room, but they were stilled as she opened the door and, entering, shut it behind her.


I thought when you married all that was finished. Not as much as Of Human Bondagebut enough — more than enough. He asked for their advice with a humility that was touching and promised to act upon it with a sincerity that was impressive.

Cakes and Ale

Have you got anything for me to read, Drif- field? But it doesn’t deal with the role of Willie Ashenden, Kear’s fellow novelist, as narrator and viewpoint character, and keeper of voluminous and scandalous Driffield family secrets that are strategically disclosed to the reader as the book progresses. I love books that can be wordy and Victorian but had to laugh at Maugham because he did start to become what he did not like in other novels, verbose.

I was not put out.

Well, it got so Mrs. Driffield gave me a piece of cake.

As they grow older the books they read in their youth are lit with its glamour and with every year that passes they ascribe osmerset merit to the author that wrote them. Rosie slept with nearly every man that she met if she took the slightest liking to him, and she didn’t feel even remotely bad about it. But who wants to be satisfied?