This document is from the authorized Flex curriculum written by learn the basics of building Flex applications using the Cairngorm framework. Flex frameworks are software libraries that assist developers in building rich internet Cairngorm is one of the primary open-source software frameworks for application Hello World Example using Cairngorm · Official Adobe Cairngorm Site. I have just constructed my first Cairngorm application: an Adobe Flex application that uses the Cairngorm application framework, implementing (For example, a user types their username and password into a login box, this.

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Development managers who have to work with distributed teams of beginner or mid-level Flex developers and need a safety net to split the project work into smaller controllable tasks e. ResultEvent, FaultEvent var delegate: This class creates an event with an ID AppController.

The project, as it is, is a fully customized Cairngorm one; you can use this template as default for all of your projects. Cairngorm separates business- and UI-related work into different layers, which means that the work of the project team can be split between developers responsible for the visual portion and those who are coding just the business logic of the application.

Email required Address never made public. Have you noticed that the Command class has also reached for the AppModelLocator to be able to update the model? If the remote call is successful the framework invokes result method, in this method we retrieve cairmgorm event result and store it value in the Model Locator Value Object.

Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex by Tony Hillerson

Cairbgorm, the Command class needs to make sure event. The execute method of SaveEmployeeEditsCommand does not use any delegates, as it just needs to add a newly inserted Employee to the model. This is our Model Locator, this is a singleton class, and so only one instance of this class is active in the same execution.


The role of the View layer in a Cairngorm application framewoork to throw events and bind to data stored in the Model. More on me on the home page. How did it happen? Go into source mode and insert the script section as shown below: The Front Controller object serves as a central registry of all Cairngorm events.

The Delegate implementation package com.

Introducing Cairngorm | Adobe Developer Connection

The Command class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global Tutoriaal. In the example code, CairngormEventDispatcher dispatches the cgEvent: In desing mode create a new DataGrid as shown below: If you are looking for an example, here it is, http: We prefer working with frameworks that offer enhanced Flex components rather than just separation of work among team members.

This model locator stores the data and the state of this application—in particular, the variable employeeListDPwhich is the place where the list of employees is being stored. On the same note, changes in the UI are propagated to the server side through this business layer.

The problem with this approach is in the global nature of such an event handler. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Cairngorm is based on the MVC model.

ConnectEvent; private function onConnect: It also implements the interface IResponderwhich requires you to add the result and fault methods. When front controller handles the event, it instantiates cairnhorm new ConnectionCommand and invokes method execute. Management will also be more comfortable with an Adobe-backed framework.


Use the mediator to bind the data from the proxy to the view component. June 10, at The command folder is for Command classes; control is for events and FrontController ; the ModelLocator is located in the model folder; and the view folder has visual components as shown in Figures through See its methods setCredentials and setRemoteCredentials for details.

The other benefit is reusability of the modules. Cairngomr new ArrayCollection ; call. What we need to have a fully customized template for our Flex project is the delegator and the remote repository.

List of Flex frameworks

Components on the View can bind to Value Objects or other properties in the Model data layer. You can quickly reuse the AS classes that have already been created and string them up using the event maps. Just simply renaming this variable in the ModelLocator will require changes in one or more views that are bound to it.

To load the employees, the Command class creates an instance of the proper delegate passing the reference to itself this is how the delegate knows where to return the data and calls the method loadEmployeesService:.

List of Flex frameworks – Wikipedia

Open Welcome view in design mode and create a button and associate function onConnect to the onClick event as show below:. However, some of the PureMVC language ports are still in alpha.

Before you start you have to be sure that the crossdomain. Handle the remote procedure calls.

ICommandIResponder mx.