By Way of Deception, told to Claire Hoy by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, chronicles not only Ostrovsky’s four years in training as an agent for Israel’s. Buy By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer by Victor Ostrovsky ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . “By way of deception shall you Conquer.” — Mossad’s mottoVictor Ostrovsky was a career Mossad agent. He left Israel’s secret police agency and returned to his.

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It listed everything that happened during the meeting.

By Way of Deception: A Devastating Insider’s Portrait of the Mossad

There’s big money involved, but I don’t know the first thing about it. They blindfolded me again and put me in the car, but just as the driver started up the engine, somebody shouted, “Wait a minute! This is done through a unique system of sayanimvolunteer Jewish helpers.

Israel, with considerable cause, feared it would be used to manufacture nuclear bombs for use against her. The other method of finding a target is to have a beacon, a homing device, as a guide. Arabs were regarded as human beings.

During the original visit, Samira had complained about her problems with finding a good local hairdresser to do something about the color of her hair.

Victor Ostrovsky on Mossad – By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War

Looking for beautiful books? Throughout reading this book there is a sense that Mossad is in control of its activities wag than the Israeli government.

Later, they were transferred to the Nes Ziyyona research facility, where they were terminated. But I knew that war wouldn’t end for me until I gave something.

Now that he knew Halim had complete confidence in his cover story, Donovan invited the Iraqi to his luxurious hotel suite in the Sofitel-Bourbon at 32 run Saint- Dominique. It holds the circus in the summer and it’s mud in the winter. Moments later, a light-skinned, blue-eyed, sharply dressed man would race up in a red Ferrari BB two-seater, pull in to pick up the blonde, then speed off to heaven knew where.


The only thing Halim ostrovxky think of was to call his friend Donovan. When I sat down at the table next to him, I saw he was reading a movie magazine.

By Way of Deception : The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer

His passport listed his occupation as a lecturer in the department of atomic engineering, University of Alexandria. To them, it seemed suspicious that suddenly, out of the blue, the Libyans, who’d been extremely careful in the past, would start advertising their future actions.

Retrieved from ” https: But still I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. Form the picture he paints, it seems that many international crises of the s and 80s involved the Mossad to a much greater extent than anyone — even the Israeli government — was ever aware.

I’ll be here in two weeks. And so it was decided that since Dina Jacqueline had struck a chord with Samira, this happy turn of events could be used to expedite matters. The people I’m dealing with wouldn’t do anything like that.

She was slated to show up at about 7: The Washington cocktail circuit is very important for that. I blew through it. After breakfast on the third day, we were taken back into Tel Aviv. After that exercise ended, and we had completed our reports, we were split up again. Decception were lined up behind me now, waiting to use the phone.

Trivia About Kstrovsky Way of Decepti Any time a president was not on the best of terms with Israel, the Jewish organizations were instructed to cozy up to the vice president. With that in mind, it would be a foregone conclusion where the breach was. So I put my notebook down, turned to deceptoin, said, “Excuse me,” and as he stepped back a bit, I attached the new part.

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The author got ‘burned’ during one of the operations and therefore provides details of the operations that Mossad had conducted in the past, details of which he could gather during his training from the Mossad computer at the Mossad Academy.

A History of Israel: You realize it’s a very secretive organization, and once you’re called in, you do what you are told because you believe that behind it is a form of super drception that will be explained to you in due course. It could also be ostrovaky that Israel is in close proximity to its enemies who pose a constant threat to its people – Mossad’s role is to be in a position of strength at all times, with rules being bent in order to eliminate credible threats.

There are technological advances going on all the time that you will learn about, but there are some new ones even we don’t know about yet. Shortly before the appointed day, a messenger delivered a letter to my home, again stating the time and location and reminding me to bring clothes for different occasions. The director would be with us shortly, he said. After a few days of that, another man stationed at the next block would watch, and so on.

Although Halim ostrovksy know it, that was the point. The reader is taken on a no-holds-barred journey through the secret service from initiation right through operations until the author’s eventual exit from the force.