Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies [Ian Buruma, Avishai Margalit ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty-five years ago. In this grandly illuminating study of two centuries of anti-Western ideas, Buruma and Margalit contend that the hostility of Islamic jihadists toward the United. Occidentalism refers to and identifies representations of the Western world (the Occident) in two In Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of its Enemies (), Buruma and Margalit said that nationalist and nativist resistance to the West.

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I liked it because the book was full of history. The Code Napoleon brought many benefits. This book has been on my shelf probably for several years. Countries have their reasons and idea why they very dislike or hate the way Western cultures acts the way it does. The authors definition of “occidentalism” is “the dehumanizing picture of the West painted by i I am looking for small books so I can get closer to my goal of 50 for this year.

But this is a viewpoint driven by justified irritation at a certain There’s some interesting stuff here certainly the Japanese info, though the Russian info is more common knowledge, and there’s very little new in the Islamic info. Since the target of the holy warriors is so large, figuring out how to defend it is not easy.

This goes for those on the left, who believe that U. The best part of the book is the chapter on anti-cosmopolitanism as an intellectual trend stretching across time and geography. And not primarily as a reaction to western -backed bombs and dictators, shredding children to pieces for fun and profit. It is a mind without a soul, efficient, like a calculator, but hopeless at doing what is humanly important.


Sep 25, Razi Shaikh rated it liked it.

Der Angriff auf das World Trade Center am 9. I liked this book, it makes some good points about the history of dislike of The West. This book seeks to account for anti-western attitudes.

Authenticity lies in poetry, intuition, and blind faith. It is indeed his duty to do so. What, then, is the Occidentalist idea of the West? The hero is one who acts without calculating his interests.

Upping the anti

Jun 21, Jami Powell rated it it was amazing. They attempt to justify this in the last few pages by saying that it would be Orientalist to act as if these people Arabs, Cambodians, Chinese, etc aren’t morally capable of deciding their own life, but with this, they seem to cleverly cleanse the West of creating an environment where people are left with little choice other than their anti western or occidentalist views.

In some ways we see urban people trying to cope with the alienation of the city by seeking out ‘natural’ remedies and foods, alternative healers, etc. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Friendships even perhaps, a type of kinship may develop that is filling the gap of the missing extended family. Nor occidehtalism it be reduced to global economics.

Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies by Ian Buruma

Embedded in these communities, in their languages, and the volksgeist that gave them life were ancient wisdoms and warm human virtues. The experiments on the human soul by Communism showed how bloody universalist dreams can be. The authors make a convincing, if hardly novel, case that western ideas – from Werner Sombart to, above all, Karl Marx – have had a profound, if varying, impact on the non-western world.


The former by portraying it as some sort of do-gooders, who are hated merely for innocently trying to improve the world, and not for its blood-soaked racist history and current policies. So, so, very boring. We tend to blame Islam and religions for the mindset of extremists, A good thought-provoking book about occidentaliwm sentiment from “Occidentalists” ranging from the pre-WWII Japanese, 19th century Germans, to modern Islamic terrorists.

In einer weiten — letztlich metaphysischen — Zirkelbewegung kommt die von uns ausgehende Geschichte wieder bei uns an. Sat, 7 Feb Oct 14, Mark rated it liked it. To ask other readers questions about Occidentalismplease sign up.

The book is essentially four medium length essays, each covering different strains of Occidentalism. The occidentalis, view emphasizes technology, mechanism, reductionism and numeracy to the exclusion of deeper spiritual, intuitive occidenta,ism of human nature.

Societies where traditional views were still held, eventually gave into the ideas of the west. Buruma suggests there is a common relationship with the German romanticism of Fichte, Herder, and Schelling, though there is not enough of a casual relationship drawn here for me to accept that.