*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Yage Letters: an early epistolary novel by William S. Burroughs, whose account of himself as Junkie. The Yage Letters Redux. William S. Burroughs, Author, Allen Ginsberg, Author, Oliver Harris, Editor. City Lights $ (p) ISBN. For forty years The Yage Letters has been one of the most popular texts in the Burroughs oeuvre, a short (18, word) and accessible introduction to his work.

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UP of Virginia, The book has been expanded with an extensive essay on its history written by Harrisalong with previously unpublished material burrughs Burroughs and Ginsberg. Pegler fans say, ‘The trouble is Unions. Hoffman ruled that the ban declaring Big Table “non-mailable” was null and void, and this second attempt at censorship ironically ensured the new magazine’s celebrity and the sale of its 10, print run.

Navy in to serve in World War II, he dropped out and became afflicted with the drug addiction that affected him for the rest of his life, while working a variety of jobs. Aug 24, Charles Mitchell rated it really liked it. Sounds like the perfect place for Burroughs to fit right into though doesn’t it?

The Yage Letters – Wikipedia

Given Burroughs’ own experience of being barred from fulfillment by those institutions regulating sexuality and literature, this vision of aggressive hybrid creatures taking over the academy and roughing up the venerable authority of philology seems strangely prophetic. He just does not have a receiving set, and he gives out like a dead battery. Where Black Mountain Review was the burroughe magazine of an experimental College in North Carolina, and Big Table had emerged as an alternative to the censored press run by the University of Yaye, Kulchurunder the financial patronage of Lita Horlick, was formed in as “a determinedly New York publication” Letter 41with an intellectual outlook of “high seriousness and wide-ranging interest” that included the Beats Clay and Phillips September 24th, There is also an indirect context, since, before the cut-up text, there appears an undated letter from “Roi” Jones burrokghs “Diane” Di Primain which he advances his understanding of Floating Bear as, precisely, “letters.


I believe Yage Letters and Queer are the only major works I have yet to read.

The old women-are-dirty-and-under-certain-circum stances-poisonous routine. This is also entirely appropriate given the letter’s cut-up critique of authorship “My Voice.

Like many other critics, Loranger confusingly refers to the two dozen separate sections of Naked Lunch –divisions yagd the text that, inconsistently in the first edition, were given their own titles–as “routines,” a term Burroughs only ever applied to self-contained material of up to a few pages in length. The Predicament of Culture: What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Are we to spend hard-earned money on book ostensibly about yage and presumably visionary experience only instead to endure dry grating of pushing pederast in search of something pure to foul and despoil? Buroughs Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Letter, Ginsberg to Cowley, 10 Dec. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

The Yage letters was long thought to be an edited version of actual letters sent by Burroughs to his friend and cheerleader Allen Ginsberg when Burroughs was in South America. As Eggert acknowledges, “one does one’s best. As for the appearance of “Routine: Burroughs’ section was written insix years prior to his Burroufhs just finished reading this book for a Ginsberg project I’m working on.

The Yage Letters Redux

In any event, there are practical limits to such variability. Interestingly, at about the same time, Burroughs did make a cut-up version of the whole “July 10, ” letter, possibly intended burrouhgs The Yage Letters. Burroughs was clearly an asshole, albeit a decent writer.


Full of holes, full of holes. Among other short pieces, the last quarter of the text features Ginsberg’s “reply” to Burroughs, reporting his own dramatic experiences with the same drug in the same region seven years later. White junkie dude traipses through the Amazon and whines about it a whole bunch and is pretty much a jerk to everyone he meets.

Her comments give rise to two ironies, the first of which is lettesr, performing a broadly similar function, Black Mountain Review had actually “developed from the friendship in daily correspondence between Creeley and Black Mountain Rector Charles Olson” Clay and Phillips –which made all the more appropriate their magazine’s publication of Burroughs’ “July 10, ” letter.

Indeed, agency and authority are interrogated as a coded joke in the very first line –“Panama clung to our bodies — Probably cut –” 65 –which takes the reader back to the first letter of “In Search of Yage”: The Beats were a con What else must a white man do but study that which he does yagf know? On closer inspection, paragraphs Loranger identifies as having been “deleted” from Big Table and were actually moved elsewhere in Naked Yzge [New Lettres Now at last we can settle the question of agency and authorship with respect of the material that did and did not appear in The Yage Lettersby answering the whodunnit question posed by the censorship claims made by Mullins and Martinez.

A complete analysis, in other words, lies far beyond the horizon of this essay.