The Bumblebee Quadcopter Kit fits together easily and requires minimal It is so simple that you don’t even need to refer to the instruction manuals to get. The Bumblebee Quadcopter is a stylish and high quality aluminum quad frame perfect for aerial Specs; Box Includes; Downloads / Manuals; Shipping Details. Bumblebee quadcopter – toys – compare prices, reviews and buy at, . cd with the almost crashed my computer, after installing.

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Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame mm

This varies the speed and direction of the Bumblebee, which in turn enhances the enjoyment and versatility of the quadcopter kit. DIY While it doesn’t come assembled like the other quadcopters on the market, I found building it was half the fun.

Probably not; but only because the center of gravity on this particular model is sensitive and until you get the hang of undertaking landings, you might wish to start bumlebee adventure into drone operation with a beefier quad model that can survive being bumbelbee and crashed until you earn your piloting wings and credentials. Arms and landing skids fold down for travel so there are no appendages hanging out when you transport your Bumblebee from place to place.


Add a custom gimbal mount to your basket of extras to earn some photography cred. This can cause the motors to short-circuit and fail bumnlebee start. This quadcopter is for the DIY type of person and definitely not the novice. Add a camera swivel?

The Bumblebee Quadcopter Kit fits together easily and requires minimal assembly. However, once identified, this problem is easily rectified by using washers, filing down the bolts to the appropriate length or just use shorter bolts. Shenzhen Shegtian Bumblebee-C Control. Having said that, accidents do happen and if necessary, spares and repairs are all readily available to purchase. Another major problem is that the bolts for the motor mounts are too long, resulting in the bolts actually touching the copper windings in the motor.

  ASTM C1090 PDF

David Wang David is a quadcopter enthusiast sharing everything bumbleebe learning about quadcopters to his readers. However, the tall skids provide plenty bujblebee clearance room if mounting quadcipter camera is another of your goals and you long to capture aerial footage from your seat on the ground.

Hobbylord Bumblebee-C Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

They might not say so, but the looks you can expect are wishes that they had their own Bumblebee. For more customer reviews and latest pricing on the BumbleBee Quadcopter Kit, click here.

But for an epic customization that you can make your own, this is your bird. All you need to do is attach a few screws and put together the frame, which will take minutes. The lower plastic bumblebed grips are rather brittle and can easily snap when put under duress, such as during a tough landing. The Bumblebee-C is for only advanced flyers who are looking for a DIY experience when it comes to owning a quadcopter.

Shenzhen Shengtian Bumblebee-C Review. One problem identified is that the landing quadcotper is not particularly strong. Everything about the Bumblebee quadcopter kit exhibits superiority, from the sturdy, well-designed frame to the additional up-grade features and gadgets you can buy.

Will it fulfill all of your ambitions and goals? An ideal drone for beginners?

Syma X1 G BUMBLEBEE quad-copter (Out of stock)

The Bumblebee has been called a favorite by accomplished hobbyists for a reason: GPS, camera swivel capability and brushless out-runner motors controlling the power system. Another useful feature on the Bumblebee quadcopter kit is the landing skids: Transmitter not included Will it fulfill all of your ambitions and goals?


The four propellers come as s tandard, but these have been known to explode when at full throttle or break when the Bumblebee is flying through the air. The units multi-rotor control board is sleek and the lighting is snappy. Sometimes, it seems that the centre of gravity is a little too much at the top of the Bumblebee and this can cause the quadcopter kit to flip over, especially on landing.

However, additional landing gear equipment is available to supplement the existing gear. An alternative is to buy more advanced propellers, but before doing so, you would need to switch the motors.

That stated, you should know upfront that Bumblebee owners have complained about the long wait to get spare parts and enhancements because they come from overseas.

What are they and what do they do? Check out this video made by a fellow Bumblebee flyer.

Made with strong carbon fibre and durable, plastic parts, the Bumblwbee is tough and able to hold its own, even during crashes or when hitting the ground hard. Manufactured to a very high standard, everything fits together incredibly well and the overall impression is that the Bumblebee is a quality product.