Machines (building). Architect Table. Auto Workbench. Builder. Electronic Library. Filler. Mining Well. Quarry. Recipe Packager. Requester. Zone Planner. BuildCraft is a mod that extends Minecraft with a system of powered when supplied a recipe and ingredients, will pump out crafted items. Needed for, Additional Buildcraft Objects BuildCraft was the original mod to introduce Minecraft Joules (MJ) but has Recipe Packager ยท.

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Like the Wooden Transport Pipethe Emerald Transport Pipe needs to be powered by an engine and can draw items out of chests. It is a fully automated, large-scale mining machine that will remove all blocks in its designated mining area from top to bottom until it either hits lava or bedrock.

The combustion engine accepts lava, oil and fuel as well as biofuel from the Forestry mod. It has four storage slots, and it will dispense an item once it detects that the connected inventory slot below it is empty.

The Builder will automatically construct a structure that was previously recorded on a Template or a Blueprint with an Architect Table.

It is only good for powering pumps and wooden pipes. Engines are used to power the machines and builders. Other buildcraft recipes like pipes, gears, and mining wells work fine.

BuildCraft Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 (Automation in Minecraft)

The more engines you connect to it, the faster it will run. The Void Transport Pipe will delete all items that enter it. This means that you cannot automate recipes with items like the Philosopher’s Stone from the Equivalent Exchange mod, or the Handsaw from the RedPower mod.

For example, Thermal Expansion’s machinery needs MJ. A Mining Well mines blocks directly beneath it. The Mining Well digs a shaft vertical shaft below where it is placed until it either hits lava or bedrock. Now put one on the x plane and one on the z plane to denote the rectangle it is going to dig in.


Typically you will need to make Transport Pipes and upgrade them to the water proof Fluid Pipesusing Pipe Sealantor the conductive Kinesis Pipesusing Redstone.

Minecraft Mod Item Glossary

The number on the crafting recipes of the Pipe WiresLogic Gates and Redstone Chipsets below indicate the BuildCraft engine power needed to create the item. Is there something wrong with the current version? You place Cobblestone in the red row and Dirt in the blue row.

The other one is IC2 related. As long as it can send its power to a receiving engine, machine or Conductive Pipeit will run safe without overheating.


Invar Ingot wasn’t that big of a deal but if I can’t craft Pumps I don’t know how else to extract Oil. You bui,dcraft place up to eight Redstone Engines in a row in order to speed up the powering process, that is, craft items faster or draw them faster out of an inventory connected to a Wooden Transport Pipe.

Once you use it to create a record of a structure, white markings will appear on the item icon. While the Mining Well does not clear as much terrain as a Quarryit is a lot less expensive, it doesn’t need oil, fuel or lava, and if you set up buidcraft of them, you can also buildcaft a pretty decent mining yield early in the game. Removes all blocks in the designated area. The Blueprint is a record of a player-built structure that was recorded earlier using the Architect Table.

Aside from tanks and buckets, oil can also be picked up and stored in capsules from Forestry and Industrial Craft.

The wrench can be used to rotate and orient Engines and Transport Pipes as revipes as configure Logistics Pipes. Quartz Pipe won’t connect to Cobblestone or Stone Pipes. Diamond Pipes are the most advanced of all above ones. In this status, the main shaft of the engine is of a green color.


You don’t want that to happen next to your precious chests and machines.

Note that you need a Cobblestone Transport Pipe to craft it. All incoming Cobblestone will now be redirected to the pipe connected on the red output side, all Dirt will be redirected to the pipe connected on the blue output buildcravt, and all other item will be redirected to the pipe connected on the grey output side, since there are no items specified in the row.

The Wooden Waterproof Pipe can pull liquids out of a tanka refinery or any other kind of compatible container or machinery. This means the Furnace has 3 places we can attach pipes to and if we don’t attach our pipes correctly we will get unintended results.

They are capable of many things, such as detecting engine heat, inventory, MJ energy storage, machine states, items flowing in pipes and redstone signals. You can then draw it out of the tanks and into a Refinery in order to turn it into fuel for the powering of Combustion Engineswhich you need to run a Quarry.

The table itself does not need any power. Basic Gate Clock Timer. Buildcraft invented the MJ Minecraft Joulesso it is no surprise they have ways of producing it.

One single pump can keep up to three combustion engines supplied with water.

Rightclick the pipe without a wrench in your hand to open the GUI. As soon as you place the blueprint or template into the item slot, a box of black and yellow caution tape that demarcates the construction area will appear.