4. 5. Tento pin objevil(a) pedinoha. Objevujte (a ukládejte) své vlastní piny na Pinterestu. Indonesian food | Wellingborough | Toko · Sauces · Indonesian · Malaysian · Filipino · Korean · Chinese · Vietnamese · Thai · Indian · All Products · About us. Buah Lam Lay These are Buah Rambai and they were my grandmother’s favorite . They taste like Langsat, but slightly on the sour side.

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Rambai fruit is a native fruit originating from Southeast Asia, so no wonder if you will find this fruit in Indonesia.

Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut. Rambaii buah memiliki kulit velvet merah jambu, kuning, atau perang yang berkedut apabila matang dan memiliki dua pulp fambai berisi antara tiga hingga lima biji benih. The pulp is sweet to acid in taste.

Petai or stinky beans are best when cooked with sambal and shrimp. Prevent cancer Rambai fruit can also be a fruit used to prevent cancer. Pokok rambai juga digunakan sebagai teduhan dan kayu berkualiti rendah. Retrieved from ” https: This fruit is a fruit with a high enough fiber content. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. During my time in the kampung somewhat 20 years ago, i use to enjoy the fruit.

Buah pokok rambai setiap satunya antara 2 hingga 5 sentimeter huah dan sekitar dua sentimeter lebar dan tumbuh segugus. Setiap kantung berasa manis hingga berasid.


Dalam projek lain Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Ahhh… That sweet stench. Blend some of these fruit and then take the juice to drip into the red eye.

The Fruits of Malaysia

Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles. Fiber is a good nutrient to make the process of processing food in the digestive organs more smoothly.

For that, you can eat fruit this one as a preventive cancer malignant. This Phyllanthaceae article is a stub.

File:Buah rambai – Wikimedia Commons

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Benefits of Fruit Rambai for Health.

Often the fruit stalls are run by owners of local orchards and are not large commercial operations. Each leaf is up to 33 centimeters long and 15 wide. The fruit buahh similar to duku fruit. The result, you can avoid diabetes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Baccaurea motleyana. Toni Xe — yes, Balik Pulau is a lot of fun with fruit stalls, durian orchards, and other farms. Thought they always go together with durians? I also had great fun soaking in the rainbow coloured durians of Balik Rakbai hills!

Let us discuss further about the benefits and efficacy of rambai for the health of the body. Along the East-West Highway and interstate highways of Malaysia, one can find many fruit stalls selling various kinds of local fruits.

You can help Wikipedia by buahh it.

This page was last edited on 13 Augustat The seed is edible and the flesh is slightly sticky but absolutely tasty. Baccaurea motleyana is a species of fruit tree which grows wild in parts of Southeast Asia and is rambia for its fruit in BangladeshThailand and Peninsular Malaysia. This fruit will provide extra energy and energy for pregnant women after childbirth. You see, my late grandmother pronunciation is not exactly correct, so we always call them Buah Lam Lay instead of Buah Rambai.


Hey, how come no picture of my fav manggis mangosteens? Nutrition of pregnant women postpartum Mothers who have given birth after pregnancy need plenty of nutrients to restore their health. You know that when you eat rambai, you have to eat with the rzmbai unlike langsat.

While these stalls are basically simple wooden sheds, they usually carry the freshest, most organic fruit in Malaysia. Views Read Edit View history.

Buah Rambai 500gr

In addition to fresh, you will get good nutrition from the nutritional content in it. Leave this field empty.

This fruit also contains nutrients with benefits and good health benefits. Pokok rambai biasanya tumbuh pada ketinggian antara 9 hingga 12 meter dengan dahan pendek dan bahagian atas yang rendang. This fruit will slowly form the defense of your body’s cells so as not to cause cell damage due to free radicals.

This fruit does not contain excessive sugar content, so it will not raise blood sugar levels in your body.