We are now the distributor of all the in print handbooks published by The Conservation (TCV), formerly the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers ( BTCV). Bugs. BTCV handbooks online. Loads of really useful info, books include: Environments for All Local Action. Deer fencing is erected for any of the following purposes: To exclude deer from woodlands, including plantations, coppiced woodlands, newly planted amenity.

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Sizes of deer netting are given handboooks materials. Some of the materials and techniques of fencing are the same as for high specification enclosure fences.

Where does my money go?

BTCV Practical Handbooks

It requires no expenditure except time, and handnooks only materials from the wood, avoids the need to transport fencing materials to the site. Further information If you clicked on a link and expected TCV’s online shop to be here, I’m afraid it closed in March The basic procedure is the same as a normal height strained wire fence.

For regenerating woodlands or coppice, a system that keeps out most deer and reduces damage to an acceptable level may be sufficient. Conservation and the volunteer worker.

Management of traditional British woodlands, and the creation of new woods and managing associated habitats. Check out the handbooks. Pages are printable, so you can still take them out in to the field. Recognising the unique qualities of cities and towns to understand how best to contribute to environmental improvements.

If you clicked on a link and expected TCV’s online shop to be here, I’m afraid it closed in March Published six times a year, British Wildlife bridges the gap between popular writing and scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, book reviews and letters. Pages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet. The community volunteering charity.


Properly constructed deer fencing of the correct height should not handbools the cause of injury, as deer will not attempt to jump.

In addition to the loss of height which would result, it’s not possible to fold over the bottom edge of the high tensile plastic net as this prevents effective straining. A subscription gives access to all ten handbook titles plus any we add in the futureso everybody gets access to everything. For further information contact fencing suppliers and contractors with btccv of deer farming systems. An example of an oak paling fence surrounding a deer park still in use is given on wooden fencing.

The Handbooks Dry Stone Walling How to construct and repair dry stone walls, stone-faced earth banks, retaining walls and other dry stone features. Fill between the stakes with coppice material, pressed down firmly to make a barrier about 1m 3′ wide, and about 1. Hedgerow management for conservation volunteers and others interested in creating and maintaining hedgerows. Over 2, line drawings accompany the text, adding clarity to text descriptions.

Guidance on the storage, maintenance and repair of tools used in conservation work, and setting up workshops jandbooks toolstores. Full of detailed drawings and text explaining in detail how the walls are constructed. We’re redirecting all traffic to this site now. Step by step All the processes in the handbooks are explained in an easy to follow, step-by-step way using plain English. So be careful if you want to use that subversive old-style terminology. It’s been a huge undertaking, with web pages, over 2, illustrations, tables and 1, links connecting it all together.


TCV’s conservation handbooks online now! | TCV

CV – The Conservation Volunteers – is a charity supporting practical conservation work by volunteers throughout Britain.

TCV is a good way to get experience of the conservation industry. It goes from btxv right through to advanced features and covers the range of British walling styles. Go to Btvc Wildlife. Very intuitive with detailed diagrams and descriptions. It will also include photos and videos – something that the paper books don’t or can’t.

Plastic deer netting for temporary fencing has the advantage of light weight and reusability. What’s included in the price?

Clear and concise and exactly what I needed brcv will need in the future. Deer species differ in their susceptibility to electric shocks, with red deer the most, and roe deer the least susceptible.

Standard height stock netting fences topped with one or two lines of barbed or plain wire, giving a total height of about 1m 3’are a frequent cause of injury. Toolcare Guidance btcg the storage, maintenance and repair of tools used in conservation work, and setting up workshops and toolstores. You may print this page for your own use, but you MAY NOT store in a retrieval system, or transmit by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of The Conservation Volunteers.