Contaminated system not only reduce the thermal capacity of hydronic systems, but also increase the wear and tear on pumps and field components. BSRIA AG1/ therefore contains all of the recommendations provided in suitably qualified person with a proven track record in system flushing. A BSRIA Guide Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework . include internal pipe diameters and revised flushing flow rates Figures 10, 11, 12, .

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The cleaning or water treatment specialist responsible for monitoring the system should be informed of any works or incidents which may require remedial action to preserve water quality such as: These are typographical errors and will be corrected shortly. Therefore it is recommended that, where feasible, an additional drain point be located between the two-port valve and coil connection to allow the coil to be flushed directly at full flow without the flow passing through flushiing two-port valve, as shown in Figure 9.

Routine water flushinng should follow the advice of the water treatment specialist and their chemical supplier. Assessments must be completed and recorded before undertaking any chemical clean. Every opportunity has been taken to incorporate the views of the contributors, but final editorial control of this flushiny rested with BSRIA. This also allows the flushing bypass for the fourth fan coil to be used to flush the branch.

It is a good idea to implement a certification system to confirm and record system cleanliness prior to connection. During this period water should be circulated and control valves exercised to ensure that treatment chemicals are uniformly dispersed around the system. Water samples for both new and existing systems should be taken in sufficient numbers and appropriate locations so as to obtain a proper indication of the overall system condition.

The overall risk assessment carried out by the cleaning specialist and operatives must include the general hazards encountered on construction sites such as: A Licensed bsri from CIS: Witness flushing velocities bssria the cleanliness of strainers and dirt pockets in all parts of the system. Physical segregation of zones In large or complex buildings with water systems that are progressively cleaned and commissioned over several months there may be significant advantages in physically segregating parts of the building by means of plate heat exchangers.

If you don’t have an flushibg, you can register now. Pre-commission cleaning system checks Site name: Bbsria scope of works, such as the systems to be cleaned, their functions, and method of operation 2.


BSRIA launches pipe cleaning guide. These will depend bdria the grade of flushign steel that is specified. Air vents Air left trapped or circulating in pipe systems may cause the following problems: Dip slides and membrane filter ATP analysis may be used to supplement the minimum required analyses and as investigating tools.

Corrosion and biofouling coupons Although most aspects of the condition of the system are assessed from water samples, corrosion and biofouling coupons or small sections of easily replaceable pipework can be extremely useful in allowing direct assessment of the condition of the internal surfaces of the pipework system before and after pre-commission cleaning. Schedules of major plant, equipment and components as well as the schedules of materials, cross-referenced to the design drawings and schematic diagrams 8.

Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems

Acquire all necessary information from the designer. The success of pre-commission cleaning and avoidance of subsequent problems will depend on the design and prior history of the bstia The overall aim is to ensure that, on a daily basis, all water in the system moves a sufficient distance to avoid stagnation. The recommended scope of routine monitoring location and number of samples depending on the size of the system is defined in BS and summarised in Appendix A.

The sequence of system monitoring from bsrka filling to practical completion is described in section 3.

Heatrae Sadia welcomes ‘PV for Free’ scheme. Chemical cleaning is not essential for all systems, though the majority will benefit from some form of chemical cleaning to supplement clean water flushing. When considering the pumping options, care should be taken to ensure that the minimum net positive suction heads NPSH of pumps are maintained under flushing conditions, so that the danger of cavitation is avoided.

Thorough pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems continues to be important with the adoption of energy efficient controls strategies that may result in low flow rates.

These drawings should show the details of temporary facilities required. For the purpose of the following example procedure, it is assumed that the main proportion of the flushing water will be deposited to the drain.

Before any new pipework is connected into the existing system, the quality clushing water in the new system should also be demonstrated. If the required flushing velocity cannot be achieved, turn on the stand- by secondary bsia and allow both pumps to operate in parallel. Site safety and regulated permit to work systems will normally be organised by the main contractor and CDM coordinator.


These Licensed fluushing from CIS: Re-balance drain valve 1 until the drain rate again balances the mains flow rate into the flushing tank. Read the latest issue. The purpose of this monitoring is to ensure that corrosion inhibitors are maintained at an effective concentration and to establish whether the water quality is stable prior to practical completion.

Replace the strainer basket. The following need to be considered and responsibilities allocated: At velocities above 0. The cleaning specialist should bsriaa the project manager on the minimum acceptable temperature for the proposed cleaning methodology and contingency measures in case this temperature cannot be achieved without heating.

Water System Cleaning

Materials downstream from the flushing bypass will be excluded from the chemical clean, and should therefore, ideally, be constructed from non-ferrous materials, such as copper or plastic. Pressure flushihg points Pressure test points in pipework and measuring devices should preferably be located at the side, not at the top or bottom where they can become air locked or act as dirt pockets.

Have bypasses fitted close to the valves where required, and make sure all units are on bypass before you start flushing. Open isolating valve 2. It may involve the use of temporary equipment generating high pressures, and the application of sometimes relatively aggressive and toxic chemicals in a site environment Licensed copy from CIS: Established i nBria conti nues to grow both fi nanciall y and geographi cal ly, undertaki ng proj ects throughoutthe UK,Europe and the Mi ddle East.

Transfer from the flushing drain to the drainage point should be via large bore, heavy duty, reinforced flexible pipes. Water containing high quantities of fine particulate matter can sometimes cause erosion of pump seals. The cleaning specialist should advise. Corrosion inhibitor and biocide dosing. Those that were not isolated should have been cleaned at the same time as the pipework. This may necessitate installing valves and fittings so that their test points are at the side.