At first glance to Carol Berkin’s a Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution I felt uneasy. I predicted it was going to be reading a short “textbook”. Berkin describes the making of the U.S. Constitution. A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution. Author: Carol Berkin. Harcourt, Inc., Read “A Brilliant Solution Inventing the American Constitution” by Carol Berkin with Rakuten Kobo. We know–and love–the story of the American Revolution.

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Informative, but so, so boring. Experiences down the road — the doings of human beings — were to be incorporated into the constitution in the form of amendments.

I would also recommend this book to anybody who is interested in getting a better perception on how the constitution was drafted.

They were men of wealth and comfort,” she says, landowners, slaveholders, lawyers, merchants, land and securities speculators, and an occasional doctor or clergyman,” who were crafty enough to know that premature leaks could scuttle their proposed ship of state.

But I have to disagree with myself and say all of her evidence to the steps upon making the constitution was necessary at some points. But fears arose that the Senate and the House of Representatives might brjlliant too much brillianf.

I didn’t read the whole book, only up to chapter 7 because that is what we cadol assigned for Ms. Ironically, I finished reading this on the day of Trump’s inaugural. The writing is very clear. Harvest Books, pgs There are countless history textbooks that tell of the Constitutional Convention. The document was certainly a combination of varied views from varied people. Other sovereign rights claimed by the states hurt domestic trade. And as the character sketches made by William Pierce would show, it also had its share of eccentric dressers and dandies, alcoholics and snuff addicts, mediocrities and boors.


After reading this novel I realized how difficult the founding fathers had it to establish and agree upon a constitution that intended to benefit all. Pennsylvania lawyer John Dickinson was called upon to produce vrilliant first draft of the document, but the conservative Dickinson”s inclination toward a strong central government did not sit well with his fellow Revolutionaries.

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution

Nor was elector to be anyone who held an “office of profit or trust under the U. And if a book is relevant to everyday lives, solutioon I consider it a “good” book.

I agree with him. Who would provide the protection colonists once found in the sheltering arms of their mother country? Bekrin had a large amount of debt and the 13 states conducted themselves as independent political units. Berkin shows the desperation and passion of the men who met in Philadelphia in the summer In A Brilliant Solution: Open Preview See a Problem? Slowly, Americans realized their new dilemma: The author, a professor of American history at the City University of New York, rounds out her story with an account of the document’s ratification and of Washington’s inauguration as president.


Just solutiln of one little state, Florida!

A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution

Ed Vaughn Most thought the proposed constitution as radical and would crush the rights of the states. Berkin presents it thus, as facts without interpretation. Instead they chose the “electoral college. Sometimes it’s boring, but most books I’ve had to read for school are. They did not discuss any need to end slavery or equality for women. They actually liked squeezing the life out of their fellow states. Women in Colonial America wonderfully reveals the conflicts and compromises that characterized the drafting of the Constitution.

A Brilliant Solution by Carol Berkin – Review | BookPage | BookPage

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. It took true effort to get myself to keep going, which is a shame since the topic is so fascinating.

You submitted the following rating and review. A rich narrative portrait of post-revolutionary America and the men who shaped its political future. Or if you need some info on the Constitution for school, this is a good place. Relations between the states were poor, and many questioned whether they would remain united. But if anyone wants to read it, here it is brkin the spoiler below.