A shaving horse, called a “shaveshorse,” by Lie-Nielsen, is designed for shaping long narrow pieces of wood. You sit on one end and pull a. The Lie-Nielsen shavehorse designed by Brian Boggs Woodworking Projects, Wood . Discover The Boggs Shaving Horse and The Story Behind The Design. A shaving horse plan which proved very well in the practice, and which Showing Brian Boggs new shaving horse design and how the shave horse moves.

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Sign Up Sign Up. Condition of the handles. Side Chair Build Archive. If you are pretty good at the grinder this option works very well and is faster.

Probably the most common mistake my students make when sharpening a scraper is to turn too heavy a burr. I prefer to have the blade above the bars. Since I was building a new horse I decided to give it a try and have found that I prefer the lower angle because, for me, it puts the work shavkng a more comfortable angle.

These videos do not require an on-line membership and I highly recommend them. Shavehorse The shavehorse is a wonderful tool for holding chair parts while you work. Here is the Witherby in use: You will have to make your decision on this issue based on your knife, the kind of work you do, and what works best for you. With so many people making chairs shqving carving spoons, the shaving horse is making a comeback and can be found in more shops than ever before.

Start your day FREE trial to continue reading this story. The main body of this horse can be made from a single 2 x 10 x The Passage of Time. The stick of wood is essentially an extension of the back of blade making it easier to compare bkggs angle of the back of the blade with the angle of the handles.


I use a small piece of plastic as a blade shavign. The horizontal bar on the guide contacts the lower front edge of the set-up block, and the blade contacts the block on top. It is also really good at keeping the edge square to the sides of the blade. Sign up Log in.

A Finer Side of Pine. Brian has a couple of very good videos on the Fine Woodworking web site.

This usually only takes a few strokes. There are couple of ways to do this. This full-contact workbench is essentially a foot-operated clamp, designed to carefully grip a workpiece in a variety of orientations so it can be shaped with hand tools. Using only a few simple hand tools I can briann square or bent blanks and transform them into beautifully shaped legs that will only require a bogys of sanding prior to applying a finish. I will talk briefly about general principles and my own preferences.

Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking.

Boggs Side Chair Build # Hand Shaping, Part 1: Tools — Jeff Lefkowitz Chairmaker

Brian said he was disappointed in how little difference it seemed to make. Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. Shop Talk Live Podcast Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community.


In this position the force is behind the blade giving me controlled power and making it easier to cut in a straight line.

Shaving horse – Brian Boggs – Lie-Nielsen

The school did not have shavimg shavehorses so all the students used a vice to hold parts. This article includes woodworking plans and expert instruction for building a traditional shaving horse, as described by Kentucky chairmaker Brian Boggs. Another nice thing about the Kell honing guide is that I can hone the back of the blade without removing it from the guide. Tea Light Candle Holder Christian Becksvoort shows you how to empty out that scrap bin by making a beautiful handmade candle holder.

This is an ideal arrangement for working with spokeshaves and drawknives because the harder you pull with the tool, dhaving more pressure you naturally exert with your feet to maintain your balance.

In fact, any organically shaped workpiece is a challenge for the standard bench, which is why shaving horses are so popular among chair makers.

I used the same seat, raised slightly in the back as it is in the stool, for this horse.

It is called Vinyl Finish Trim and can be found at lumber yards and big box stores. I use the flat bottom shave for flat and convex work and the round bottom shave for concave work.