Lexie Smith talks bread baking and cultural representation with Master Bread Baker Jeffrey Hamelman. Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes is an solid baking book, but not one I would recommend to everyone.

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Throughout history, bread has been a humble translator of larger changes. Far better results than measuring by volume. Almost every culture has some kind of bread that marks their culinary and, in turn cultural, identity. The industry math allows them to scale up and down easily and to develop and compare recipes at a glance. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. If I needed to describe a type of bread or baking, it gave me everything I needed to communicate the inestimable value of bread.

A perfectly logical way to adapt to local conditions, no? It’s great for beginners as is for pros. He has taught in baking and pastry schools around the world and is the recipient of the Golden Baguette Award, the highest individual honor bestowed by the Bread Bakers Guild of America.

Great explanations of the science behind baking bread, which was valuable to me. She also works as a translator and interpreter.

Bread : A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

Laced throughout the book, Hamelman’s personal narratives offer a compelling portrait of a lifelong love affair with bread and vividly communicate this passion. Lots of cool techniques, but only needed when actually in the act of baking.

Mine is covered in little notes and higlights. The warm, complex aroma of a fresh-baked loaf of bread can be utterly tantalizing; the first bite, a revelation. It is the only bread book that I found in the US that has good detail on making and using the lye solution breaf give the pretzels the shiny brown crust that is jwffrey for an authentic pretzel.


It’s amazing and really pushes me to try new things as far as baking bread goes: With the sourdough, it was more likely baker’s error than a problem with the forumula or method set out in the book! Granted, this rating of only 2 stars is probably grossly unfair, especially because I hardly read any of the book public library copy of the 2nd edition: This landmark book enables both home bakers and experiencedprofessionals not only to make breads of the highest quality, butalso to guide them to a thorough understanding of the keys tosuccess.

You will discover a bread for every seasonand every palate, including recipes new to this edition, many forunderappreciated delights like Swiss Farmhouse Bread, GermanFarmer’s Bread, and Baguettes de Tradition.

Talking Bread and Evolution with Jeffrey Hamelman | SAVEUR

And should the gluten free craze have you fooled, let me assure you: I only wish that the “home” batches were listed in grams instead of ounces. Coming from a borrower culture, the role of author is not always clear.

Challah shaped in a Winston Knot. Yes, the recipes include the quantities scaled down for the home baker, but rarely are the directions simplified. There was a thread in the forums here a week or two ago about whether this book is suitable for a beginning baker. Sure, they have bakers’ percentages listed for each recipe but does a home baker really want to get the calculator out every time?

May 15, Elizabeth Cramer added it. Jan 10, Breadman rated it it was ok.

I love jeffey doughs, sourdoughs, seeded breads, breads with fruits and nuts, flatbreads, egg breads, rolls, braids, giant loaves, baguettes, round and oval loaves. I liked how recipes included side by side instructions for home bakers who did not want to bake in bulk and professional ba Great explanations of the science behind baking bread, which was valuable to me.

I decided to use this book as a reference for my own writing because a professional baker wrote it. By that I mean, since we do not have an intact, centuries-old food culture, we dash from one crazy diet obsession to the next every five years. Hamelman treats you seriously, assumes you have a brain and can work out that things can be varied. I still would not recommend this book to a new baker, but it is an excellent resource for a seasoned baker.


No trivia or quizzes yet. We at Zomick’s bakery have this cookbook for many years and must admit we learned many new recipes from it. Turn to his book and to his techniques for creating authentic, delicious, hand-made artisan breads. Breaddespite its sweeping title, focuses mostly on recipes of European descent, with a Eurocentric bibliography to back it up.

Oh, and I suggest avoid the second edition — he switched to a sans-serif font that, in my opinion, renders it much harder to read. He also informs you in general about what you can expect when you vary things. This bookis a gift to the world of artisan baking.

Bread : Jeffrey Hamelman :

This goes for the challah bread especially. First we vilify fermentation or white flour, then we vilify whole wheat flour. Mar 24, Bill T. Explaining complex techniques with simple and helpful illustrations, the book includes recipes for a vast array of breads, including sourdoughs, brioche, authentic rye breads, flat breads, French breads, and much more. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. This book includes inventive and delectable formulas andillustrative graphics that clearly walk the reader through shapingsteps.

Refresh and try jefrey. Recipesfor brioche, focaccia, pizza dough, flat breads, and othertraditional staples augment the diverse collection of flavors, tastes, and textures.

I will continue to use this book to enhance my skills. Dec 21, Wayne rated it really liked it Shelves: