Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi profile and biography is given here. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was a social and religious reformer from. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was one of the foremost towering personalities, who activated the Renaissance movement in Kerala. The social-reform. other social renaissance leaders of Kerala, Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi. 1. C. Krishnankutty, Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – A Social.

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S S- fo external influences, it had sustained both invasions and internal disasters to the present age. Sivayogi formulated a new stream of thought based on valid reason and experience, leaving all abstract and invalid scriptures.

The way for attaining bliss is the conquest of the mind. The movement he spearheaded during the Kerala Renaissance period is considered as the golden period in Kerala history.

The Ahamgrahopasana results in knowing one’s own identity with the object of his worship. The people of Kerala were divided into two sects – savarnas and avarnas. How God is conceived in different systems may be summarised as follows. Ramanujacarya who founded the school of Vi’sistadvaita Vedanta describes God as having the attributes of sat, cit and ananda existence, consciousness and bliss.

The worship in temples grahmananda done to the deity as the king of the universe. They believed that the external celebrations and performances were the whole meaning of the worship of idols. Besides, this age witnessed the growth of reflective thought in Govindankutty.

The concentration of the mind at the susumna results in knowing one’s own self. Hence, every man is eligible to attain bliss by the right understanding of Hindu religion. In samprajnata samadhi, the mind concentrates continuously on its objects with the differentiated knowledge of their specialities and attributes. Yoga as Philosophy and Religion. It results in the complete mastery over the senses. So he is also an effect.


Sivayogi saw the danger and decided to resist such a deterioration on the part of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma, by properly presenting the truth embedded in religion and by highlighting the need for a universal religion based on human rights.

Thus the mind also, when it get absorbed in the Supreme Bliss, loses its form and remains in the form of Bliss itself. He wrote 16 books. The arrival of missionaries from European nations lead to rise in educational institutions in Kerala and the rise of an educated class among caste groups like Ezhavas.

A Sudra is he who feels sorry bragmananda to the lack of knowledge. The Prajapati described in the Brahmanas was transformed into the Brahman in the Upanisadic period.

Niyama is considered as the external aspect of Yoga. He says, “Those who taking up the path of ritualism, do not know the way to salvation, and are immersed in darkness or ignorance. Mlya is the dividing force that conceals the real nature of Brahman and projects the unreal nature of it. He composed a number of works to expound his social, divayogi and philosophical views.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – A great social and religious reformer from Kerala

He is the witness of all and is the highest reality. He was the founder of the Atmavidya Sangham, which was fundamentally a group of professionals and intellectuals who sought change, and also the [Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society. He also argued against the caste system and upheld the ideal of female education. Sivayogi proclaims the fact that the various deities are but the divided parts swmi the one and only Ananda which can be attained through Rajayoga.


Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala. The sibayogi of every man is the attainment of the Supramundane Bliss as one’s real nature. When the power of seeing and the power by which one sees have the appearance of being a single self, this is known brahmanwnda the feeling of personality.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – A great social and religious reformer from Kerala

Brahmananda Svami Sivayogi came to recognize this phenomenon and bravely propagated the meaninglessness of the prevalent external festivities. The devotion towards Subrahmonia helped him to study the Tamil language 7. His masterpiece was Mokshapradeepam. Observing this, they misled the laymen from the truth that the attributeless God is alike for everyone beyond all superimposed differences.

Usha Devi First Edition: Sivayogi found that the differences imposed on people are artificial and meaningless and hence he tried to enlighten the common people regarding this basic fact. During those days he was beginning to swammi himself as a poet.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi

Even to day, it has relevance to practical life. If the seeds are roasted in fire, the plants will never be subjected to re-birth. Strividy aposini 26 emphasizes that women are brahmanahda to undergo education and acquire knowledge. Three kinds of worship prevailed – Svarupa, Sampad and Pratika. They are to be considered as the stepping stones to Brahman, not btahmananda Brahman itself. After his preliminary studies at home, Govindankutty continued his studies in the Board.

Vagbhatananda topic Vagbhatananda — October was a social reformer in British India. Similarly, Vasudevamanana also reveals the futility of rituals: