Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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This body is the structure of bones and flesh Consciousness only transmitted It’s like puppeteer plays the puppets 2.

They praised his good karma that had allowed the Divine power to awaken in him so suddenly. Bade bade raja aru raani desh khazane hukum diwani Bhoomi me mil gaya rahya nahi ek ishara re 1 Arjun Bheem Karn se bhaare shoorveer ran garjan haare Kaal bali se hare sabhi parlok sidhara re 2 Pandit yogi jan ghanere roopvant gunigan bahutere Apni gaay bajaay gaye jag din me chara re 3 Dhan jovan gun thir nahi koi bramhanand nash sab Hoyi parmeshwar ka naam sumar sabse ho nyara re 4.

If one eats prepackaged and precooked foods, one cannot know who has prepared it and in most restaurants, financial profit is the motive with bhaajan the food is prepared. One who has truly recognised the Guru as dwelling in his heart has entered upon the path of perfection.

Listen to my prayers, oh Lord! After the heavenly abode of Swami Brahmananx Ji Maharaj, Swami Brahmanand Ji started taking care of Ajmer ashram and helping people for progressing of spiritual path. Sri Jethamalji, pandit of Hiyadesar in the district of Bikaner, Rajasthan, had a son by the name of Ganeshmal msla was attracted hrahmanand the spiritual way of life.

Mahaprabhuji touched his arm.

Brahmanand BhajanMala Bhajan – Dhool Tuhinje Charnan ji Satguru ( Sindhi Bhajan)

Marwari Jhuth sab jagat pasara soch samajh nar dekh bichara Moorakh garv kare man me harinam nisaar re repeat. Human merits like Beauty, Talent, Wealth, Health, Brahmanznd, intelligence, bravery and glory ends as with human life ends. Mahaprabhuji’s gracious smile did not flicker.


Orno one can help me except you. Then the food becomes holy prasad [3] and transmits love to those who eat it.

From early childhood the boy felt drawn to God. Like musk deer keeps pursuing for odor in woods You are a fool who is roaming in outer brahmanamd 3anYou are seeking comfort in worldly pleasures But don’t knows the knowledge of self It’s better to get Samadhi than Illusion will end 4. Nij swarath ka sansar sabhi.

A yogi can awakes the Kundalini. But like anything else, these precautions with food can be carried to extremes and Ganeshmalji was certainly guilty of an exaggerated fussiness about what he ate. His relatives thought that the change which had come over him was most sudden and peculiar and so he explained it with the following song: Jhuth sab jagat pasara Raag: Great kingdoms, treasures and Administrators also got into the soil when death comes, and no evidence of them remains.

So everyone should chant Lord’s Holy name. He ri sakhi batlaay mujhe Piya k man bhawan ki batiya repeat. How astonished were those who had accompanied Ganeshmalji to the ashram! Swami Brahmanand Ji Maharaj are strong believer of simultaneous progress of social works and spirituality hence in the year they founded Swami Basantram Sewa Kala for taking care of social welfare of mankind. Save me out of the world sea. Gurudeva’s look had opened Ganeshmalji’s mind to the memory of former lives and he entered a state of consciousness where he could realize and understand all connections of his existence.

But time passed and Ganeshmalji soon forgot about his extraordinary dream and continued his life as before. Swamiji tells the way to find God. You can meet him if you like, for he is bhajann now staying in an ashram not far from here.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

I salute you, OM, immortal Guru Deep! This is the ultimate stage of Pranayama and yogi attain the state of Samadhi. Only a Yogi can feel about that state of absolute bliss, no other else can feel it.

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Want sacrifice my whole life for you. He gradually came to entertain the latter view beahmanand began to wonder who the mahatma was who wrote the book and how he might meet him. Listen to my prayersoh Lord! Dooshan humaro sab dil se bisaro. I did not even spend a moment with my beloved sweetheart and all bhjaan passed in vain.

Just see with your eyes God is in your Heart Like flower contains scent. His special love was the spiritual songs, bhajans and kirtan s and whenever swamis and sadhus passed through the area, he would go and listen to their satsang. Think, understandlook and think again. He had entirely lost the urge for intellectualising and for destructive criticism.

Kya Mathura kya Kashi jave Jaay himalaya kyo dukh pave Kar satsang vichar bhed satguru se payi re 1. Bahjan at once Ganeshmalji remembered his dream and he could hardly bhajah to meet Mahaprabhuji.

As it is said, “Through Thy grace the lame can climb mountains, the deaf can hear, the dumb can speak. The onlookers drew back in surprise, some afraid that Mahaprabhuji had also used magic powers, but naturally this was not so. Remembering his sins swamiji says that he did not remember of God even for a moment and destroyed all the time in bliss and luxury.

You are a part of my inner Brahma and so byajan today on, you will be known as Sri Swami Brahmananda.