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Luciferian Witchcraft represents perhaps the major part of his published accomplishments to date. In this however, we operate under the Laws of Society and resent all illegal acts — those who may be aligned with the BOTD who adhere to illegal acts will be banished permanently. Moonthirst Nocturnals do not fear death, as wampphyri only means returning to the infinite darkness, the Dragon’s Womb – as well as for the risen ones – Varcolaci – Vampyres who have achieved Immortality.

Refresh and try again. Take the phone off the hook, turn the TV off, and make sure distractions will be to a minimum. After the shados, you may feel a stronger Life Force known as the Blood of Tiamat given back to your being – The Undead Gods give such a sacrifice to you. The wanphyri is of our coven, our family – The Red Dragon, Tiamat. Once you lay yourself down to begin, you will want and need to clear All worries and thoughts in general from your mind. Incense should be Sbadows or Jasmine.


Book: Book Of Wamphyri And Shadows by Michael Ford

A Summer Solstice Ritual. Absorb their lifeforce as shadow and grow stronger.

Succubus Publishing Home- http: Incense should be burnt, either Frankincense of Jasmine will do. This ritual is to be done during the night, past midnight for then the powers of shaddows astral waves are yours to manipulte and man is vunerable at night, more of a chance o success if they are not of strong mind and spirit.

Feel now the pleasure of the Werewolf, go out into the night and taste the pleasures of the Will. Help Center Find new research papers in: From seemingly out of nowhere rode three men dressed in black riding upon three black horses.

Here is my Magical Library and Left Hand Path Books

The Raven of us is our nature and being. The Adept realizes the significance of the element Air as being dream projection, cursing and commanding flesh spells and using the Eyes to command presence. What boo great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: It is now time to rise and fly the night snadows. The menstrual flow which is Az, the very gnosis of deep and dark sexuality, shapeshifting wampyhri violent intercourse and bloodletting. Although it is said that some demonic spirits who are not vampires can haunt sleeping humans.

Herein is the path as walked by one who seeks to reveal the True Path of Ahriman and Lilith-Az, to manifest in flesh the spirit of Azi Dahaka and Cain.


The ghost would enter through the opfer’s mouth in the form of smoke and a serpent. Once this is done, concentrate on causing your astral to extend and take the form of your desire – it is All according to your will.

You will need to find a comfortable place to lay – a bed or couch.

One must be prepared when entering a predatory state All of which is quite true and accurate as all is possible to those who have utilized magick and the dream. Vampirism is absorbing the spiritual and mental energy of humanity, that which we wish to leave behind.

Log In Sign Up. Vampyres look upon their personal being as GODS, the humanistic gook of mortals xnd not guide us in anyway either. Here you shall shed the flesh yet be vulnerable at first to those predators of the circle. The reason is once you enter the state of dream and rise as varcolaci then are you open to the spirits and outer beings and energies within the nightside as well.

Our sigils to invoke the essence are two: A Luciferian is focused on self- realized goals and is willing to stop at nothing to become something better. Book 4 Magick Bk.