Songs by Bodo Wartke. Artist Bodo Wartke. Bodo Wartke – 90 grad. chords 90 gradver. 1 Bodo Wartke – Ich trau mich nicht. tabs Ich trau mich nichtver. 1. Der Klassiker “Ich trau’ mich nicht” von Bodo Wartke in der Berliner Variante. Find a Bodo Wartke – Ich Denke, Also Sing’ Ich first pressing or reissue. Complete your Bodo Wartke collection. 2, –Bodo Wartke · Ich Trau’ Mich Nicht.

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He ends up toying with Frankish, the local dialect.

Bodo Wartke lyrics

Still, it rolled over us like an avalanche. I understand more than you think I do! For me that remark is an attempt to make him less than he is.

This led to my discovery of Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestersince Raabe found some of their songs and brought them back to life. Ich hab ‘ne Pollenallergie. But that was a long time ago. I want to end with two songs that show Bodo Wartke has developed the ability to enrich an evening of comedy by infusing it with a change of pace. Slowly Midh approach the edge… So, ladies and gentlemen, this song has one last verse.

You see nichg talent for crowd pleasing. You have a pollen allergy? Whether his talent will be sufficient to overcome the language barrier remains, of course, to be seen. Die sperren mich ein! Crois-moi, je comprends plus que tu pense! Let me not have to limit myself to that. But the people who wander leisurely past barely give me any notice.


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Such a divine figure! Ich versuche boo seit langem. Sometimes his musical talent comes across as totally spontaneous and fun, even though you can see an enormous amount of thought and work in the preparation. You ask me, no doubt, oh man, how does she do it?

Thanks to YouTube, he is at least readily accessible now internationally. I find you very attractive. Another song, showing how his talent has matured, is another social commentary: They listen constantly to advertisements telling them the food at McDonalds is cheap, delicious and healthy. If we were together, I think I could pull the distant stars down from heaven. Na Mann, das kann ja dauern! For example, when I asked her what she thinks of spontaneous sex.

He was great in math and physics.

Music ReviewsSelf-indulgences. The train is going to disappear into the tunnel. He does this in. Oh Mann, wie macht sie das nur? Sitting with you and drinking alcoholic drinks. We are surely destined for each other. Mit meinen Lippen auf die deinen zu tippen – das ist es, was ich grade denke.

It was replaced by a new second home in greater Tokyo. Bitten by the wind and the weather and ixh teeth of time, I am gradually losing my face.


The Americans are getting fatter and fatter. And even a word like CIA agent sounds much more elegant and charming than torturer. During the night I dream of holding you The weather sure has been better. A loving aroma fills the air. Nonetheless I love you.

By the way, the typography of her backside is more photogenic than Ivh Lopez. What a gorgeous day. He has also taken up satire of the German railroads, German architecture, and see below social events like the Loveparade.

What can I say? She is so beautiful!

Bodo Wartke

Raabe and his colleagues have made it internationally, have appeared at Carnegie Hall several times, and if one of their America tours comes ichh close to where you live, I urge you to give yourself a wonderful evening out. Thursday, September 6, Bodo Wartke.

Meine neue Freundin My new girlfriend: But ever since the wall came niht, and this whole new city and country have emerged, my loyalties are back with Berlin and with Germany and I would dearly love to go live there — at least for a time. Since I moved here I take the subway every day in the direction of Tegel.