An indispensable guidebook to the Soul Society, Color Bleach+: The Bleach Official Bootleg takes you behind the scenes in the shadowy world of the Soul. So, after reading the translated Karaburi, it was brought to my attention that Hisagi Shuuhei, wants to impress e of his. Author: Tite Kubo 久保 帯人. Published: ISBN Publisher: Shueisha, Jump Comics. Language: Japanese. Usually at the end of the manga are.

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These abilities are flawless.

During the Ryoka intrusion that took place a few days back, rumours say that one of the Ryoka guys resembles him. Special Information Top Secret Her interest is in reading books.

Funny, Hitsugaya hates dried persimmons, yet Gin and Rangiku love them. With her broad-minded personality, the chances of guys in the 13 divisions who say no to her Though its publication has paused before, once it hootleg an appearance again, the novel always clinches a place among the top 3 in popularity rankings.

As there is no vice-captain, the two third-seats are taking over the duties accordingly. Oomaeda Marechiyo Personal Data Birthdate: A power fighter who fights openly without resorting to petty tricks. This is the squad where rigorous members governed by nootleg will for task accomplishment gather.


Special Information Top Secret Sweet nattou was the favourite dish of the granny living in Rukongai, and having ate that in the past, he still likes it now.

Kotetsu Isane Personal Data Birthdate: Formerly acting as the commander-in-chief of the Secret Mission Squad, she has passed this title to the current commander-in-chief, Soi Fong. Needless to say for battles, he can handle administrative tasks flawlessly officail. Dislikes kamaboko “fish cake”, something like naruto.

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Clear cards before time’s up! Currently, he would blesch only soap. Hence, he was able to renovate the entire 2nd division quarters at his own expense. She also attends the Ikebana lessons hosted by the 4th division.

His hobby is making bracelets and he can craft gold. She builds many structures e. Character description Due to Captain Ukitake’s personality, the camaraderie among the 13th division members is strong.

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During the turmoil caused by the Ryoka, he helped and gave encouragement to the wounded Renji. You’re welcome, and thank you muchly! XD Thank you very much!!! Character description The 12th division is the department of research and techonology development, in which new technologies and new spiritual power instruments are developed; the positions of both squad captain and department head are held by Kurotsuchi Mayuri.


Picture caption As to offixial he emarked onto the Path of The Man, to make his mom happy is the reason it seems.

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Though his articles are always based on his cherished theme like, “What is Justice? Human body experimentation Food: However, he hopes to organize a band in the future, and unveil it to everyone Rangiku to be precise.

Sun Feb 17, 5: Picture caption Whatever happens and at anytime, Yachiru is always Kenpachi’s supporter. Sougyou no Kotowari Command to release: Picture caption She loves drinking parties. Picture caption Maybe it’s due to Captain Kyouraku’s intentions, Nanao hardly has to fight in the frontline, officisl her combat skills are still unknown.

They appear in people’s dreams and are quite scary.