Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories has ratings and 74 reviews. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ said: Review (just for the title story) first posted on Fanta. Bisson has described “Bears Discover Fire” as being about exactly what the title says. This is not true. The narrator, his brother and his nephew suffer a flat tyre. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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Opening three doors at once, we got into the car and drove off. It was past dawn, and his grandmother had discovef sitting on the log between us. Bears also seemed to have mellowed out and are not a threat to people.

After we put her in, I put my arms around the boy.

The Kaslo Chronicles Series: At first I thought it was rire moon, but it was the high beams shining like moonlight into the treetops, allowing Wallace Jr. You get an interesting world with the edges blurred just enough that you need to squint and consider for yourself what might be going on underneath the action. They say the old folks like the flickering.

Short and overplayed, like the others, but a little sharper and a little nastier, and just a little more satisfying. I really dislike his story “macs”even though I completely agree with the political point of the story.

The Story — Bears Discover Fire

It’s a gentle tale of how a This set of short stories makes me wonder if the author was working on a Philip K. This one is probably best considered with some creeper and a bonfire.


It was definitely getting colder, so I got my jacket. They all live in western Kentucky. To me, this is a story about the narrator, Bobby, a sixty-one year old man, unmarried and childless, and members of his family, his brother, his twelve year old nephew, and his mother.

The fire was going and it was the same bunch of bears, as far as I could tell.

The narrator, referred to by his nephew Wallace Jr. The bissn overall has a bit of a hit and miss feel, though most of them hit.

“Bears Discover Fire” by Terry Bisson

May 22, Adam Zbiejczuk rated it really liked it. When he went to sleep, I wrapped the bedspread around all three of us. Obviously others enjoyed it more: Or maybe it’s just deeper than I can detect. Then it got lighter.

Bears Discover Fire – Wikipedia

It brings together nineteen of Bisson’s finest works for the first time in one volume, among them the darkly comic title story, which garnered the field’s highest honors, including t Bears Discover Fire is the first short story disvover by the most acclaimed science fiction author of the decade, author of such brilliant novels as Talking Man and Voyage to the Red Planet. Oct 26, Jim Parker rated it really liked it. It was only the high beams of some southbound truck, but she seemed mighty pleased.

December by Arley Sorg Media Reviews: Instead of replacing the hubcap, I put it in there too. The most sensitive element in what is anyway quite a sensitive story is the portrayal of the narrator’s relationships with his mother and his nephew. It was getting colder and we were not provided, like the bears, with fur. There was a flood of dim orange flickery light. In addition to taking Discoger and Wallace Jr. It seems as it the author couldn’t be bothered to fully explore the artistic aspects of these ideas.


It was nominated for a Nebula the year after “Bears” won it; I think it deserved it more. The bear smell is rank but not unpleasant, discoer you get used to it. In one a bunch of famous authors move to this small town and nothing else happens and another is just a pointless conversation about an alien race made out of meat.

I also enjoyed “George” and “Over Flat Mountain. That afternoon, I went back to the median and cut a little firewood to replace what the troopers had flung away.

There have always been bears in Virginia. There were not as many as you would think from the TV—one every six or seven miles, hidden back in a clump of trees or under a rocky ledge.

They did okay at tending it, though.

I’m not at all averse to reading more. But you could also say it is about bisdon lead human character, his relationships with his brother and their ailing mother, and the insensitivity of the average man in the modern age. Though they were gathered together, their spirits still seemed solitary, as if each bear was sitting along in front of its own fire.

Actually, the story itself wasn’t that light and in fact had a sad ending, but it involved bears with torches, and bears sitting around a bo This is biszon first of Terry Bisson that I’ve read.